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Los Angeles area residents know that they can rely on our team of qualified mechanics for a wide range of car services. We offer quality repair work at competitive prices, and provide all the tools necessary to get the job done right!

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M&D Brake was established in 1968 and have been serving the Los Angeles area since then. We offer a wide range of services for cars, trucks as well as various types of auto repairs including brakes! Our friendly staff has over 35 years experience with all things automotive so you can feel confident when it comes time to make your appointment today–all at affordable prices too!

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Established in 1965, Marina Tire & Automotive Service has long been a trusted West LA auto shop and partner to the community. Under current ownership since 1982 we continue that tradition of excellent car repair service with our vast array of services for all types vehicles from trucks right down through motorcycles!

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You’ll find a Midas store in your area that’s dedicated to providing high quality auto repair service at an affordable price and with the best guarantee*. Whether you need tires, factory recommended maintenance or brake repairs at any time of day (or night!), there is no better place than this local family owned business!

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When your car or truck breaks down, what you need and want is an experienced mechanic who can fix it right the first time. With over 38 years of service in Los Angeles to back up every claim we make – that’s how confident our customers are when they come here for repairs!

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If you

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You know you’re in the right place when your first impression is enough to let us know that we will provide excellent service. When people come here, they find out quickly why West Coast Tire & Service has been named one of America

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Brake Masters is a full-service auto repair shop that offers oil changes and free car inspections like any other place, but our mechanics are highly trained in ASE Certified techniques. That means when you come to us for help with your fix, we’ll get it right the first time!

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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Questions to ask a brake shop
  2. What are the different qualities of brake pads used for repair or servicing?
  3. How much does it cost to replace your brake pads?
  4. How long does brake repair or servicing take?
  5. What is a Brake Shop?
Questions to ask a brake shop

Here are some questions you can ask a brake shop you plan to pay to help with repairing or servicing your brakes;
• How experienced are you in dealing with brakes?
• Have you worked on a similar kind of car before?
• What are my repair options?
• How much do you charge?
• What quality of materials do you use here?
• Can my budget cover the best quality?
• How long will the brake replacement or servicing take?
• How thorough will the servicing be?
• Can you provide me with a maintenance plan?
• Are there any warranties?
• How can I be guaranteed of your work?

What are the different qualities of brake pads used for repair or servicing?

There are generally low-quality pads and premium pads. Just like many products, pads also have a lifespan and this usually depends on the quality used by the brake shop. It could also depend on what your budget is. Low-quality pads are cheaper but they do not last long and you might not be able to enjoy them as much as you would when you’re using a high-quality pad. Premium pads are high-quality pads and even though they would cost more, they surely last longer and would give you good value for your money.

How much does it cost to replace your brake pads?

The cost of replacing your brake pads depends on the type of car and also the kind of brakes your car is using. While putting into consideration these factors, the average cost of replacing your brakes as well as the rotors ranges from $150 to $500. For general service, the costs range from about $100 to $500 also depending on the factors stated above. Also, it will depend on the extent of wear and your driving habits too. If you’re a conservative driver, then you can also possibly expect lesser costs unlike if you’re an aggressive drive. General Brake servicing includes removing the old brake fluid, replacing the pads, resurfacing rotors, and adjusting braking mechanisms.

How long does brake repair or servicing take?

It generally takes between 45 minutes to an hour to replace your brakes pads depending on how qualified and experienced the specialist at the brake shop is. Also, for brake servicing, it takes about the same time to service your brakes. With the proper equipment or tools and the right hand to operate them, it should take long before you have your brakes repaired or serviced.

What is a Brake Shop?

A brake shop is a place where brake pads or anything generally relating to brakes are fixed or repaired or serviced. Normally, brake pads are expected to be replaced after 25,000 to 70,000 miles of driving depending on certain things like the kind of car and also your driving habits. When you find anything wrong with your brakes, either it’s a squeaky noise coming from the brake area or poor brake performance or when there’s excessive vibration when you’re using your brakes, it means you need to have it checked and the brake shop is your right stop to get that done.