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We have partnered with 2,000+ authors to provide a streamlined service that takes the complexity and guesswork out of publishing. We work closely together so you can be confident in your finished product while leaving behind an impactful legacy for loved ones or society at large – all without breaking into sweat!

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One Half Court Publishing was created with one thought in mind; to help you become an author. Our Founder Edwin McKinney has empowered independent authors and turned them into successful entrepreneurs by assisting their works for several years now, so he decided it’s time that his own company became involved too! One half-court publishing

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Siena Moon Books is a boutique publisher based in Los Angeles, CA that specializes in nonfiction works and brings unique perspectives to the marketplace. They have an eye for identifying fresh voices which they present consumers with intelligent information through an approachable way by giving voice on important topics such as mental health awareness or social justice issues.

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Los Angeles

Tsehai publishers was established with the sincere desire to make a difference in today’s world. We aim at providing knowledge and information production that will help fill what is currently missing from modern thought, while also working first timers as well those coming our literature under-served community of writers for us all have access too it!

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If you’re an author who is looking to become well-known and published, then Alpha Book Publisher has the perfect solution. With their free book publishing services they will publish your work in a timely manner so that it can be available for all readers across America!

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We are always working hard to expand our publishing house. Check out this article for information about how you can get your book published with us! We’re so excited that we were able help new authors like yourself by taking on their project as a parent organization of Alpha Book Publisher!

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Book Writing Inc., a premier company that has completed over thousand renowned projects. We have been providing leading book writers for hire since 2007 with our best services seeking to become your number one choice and we assure you the same standards of dedication as all other clients who choose us!

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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Questions to ask your potential book publisher
  2. How much do book publishers charge?
  3. Can book publishers edit your book?
  4. Who are the big five publishers?
  5. Who is a book publisher?
Questions to ask your potential book publisher

• How long have you been in business?
• How many authors do you manage?
• Can I contact any of the authors you currently publish for?
• What are your plans for this book?
• What will you do in terms of marketing for the book?
• Will I have a say in deciding on the book cover?
• What services will you provide as my publisher?
• Do I retain all my rights to the book?
• Will I get the book sales report?
• Will you be handling promotions for the book?
• What will the royalty rate be and how often will I be paid?

How much do book publishers charge?

Reputable book publishers will not charge you to publish a book, instead, they publish the book and expect payment from book sales. That is why book publishers usually have to sit down and decide well whether they should publish a book or whether the book is worthy to be published and if it would make sales. If your book gets published, then you do not have to worry about payment until your book starts making sales. Publishing companies that charge before a book is published are known as vanity presses and they do not pay much attention to the success of the book especially since they have gotten their payment. However, it costs between $100 to about $3,000 to self-publish a book. The cost usually includes fees for the book cover, formatting, editing, marketing, and whatever tools you make use of in the publishing process.

Can book publishers edit your book?

No, it is not the job of a book publisher to edit your book. If you need editing for your book, then you’ll need to hire an editor to help you with that. Publishers are more concerned with checking if your book is worthy enough to be distributed or produced under their name. They are involved in the marketing, development, and distribution of the book to the public. They have no business with editing your book.

Who are the big five publishers?

There are five publishers commonly referred to as the “big five” and they are, in no particular order;
• Macmillan.
• Harper Collins.
• Penguin/Random House.
• Hachette Book Group.
• Simon and Schuster.
They were previously known as the big 6 but two of the big 6, Penguin and Random House merged to form one publishing company.

Who is a book publisher?

A book publisher is simply an individual or a company that deals in or is responsible for bringing out or introducing books to the public for reading purposes. The book publisher is the right stop if you’re looking for a person or a company who can put your book out to members of the general public. A book publisher is usually involved in some steps in the book development process ranging from printing to producing to marketing and then the distribution of the book.