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List of the Top Blacksmith in Los Angeles

The Blacksmith Shop has been the answer for metal projects, small and large, across Los Angeles since 1994. We work on time with within budget whether automotive or marine parts , RV motorcycle repair as well custom furniture . Whether you need an expert hand to fix your truck’s engine so it runs smoothly again; we have got what is needed!

Los Angeles

Dine in the space that is a live, work and play. We’re located on Winston Street with an incredible view of Indian Alley. Come experience our rustic interior as well as outdoor seating for al fresco dining under towering ceilings or seated at one of two tables right outside!

Looking for a company to install or repair your gate? We are the team for you! Need some help with moving it off site tomorrow morning, call us. Would love an opportunity show what our fabrication skills can do on-site before then as well 🙂

Established in 2000, Farrier Bob Phalen started the business with his own two hands. He had a vision for what he wanted to accomplish and never looked back! The current owners of this family-owned company took over when they purchased it from him six years ago; bringing more products than ever before – including those made just by themselves onsite at their workshop (no outsourcing here)!

Established in 1996, Paramount Forge is among India

At Adam’s Forge, we are teaching people of all ages and backgrounds about the ancient craftsmanship that was used for centuries to make things like tools. We work with a diverse group in our Los Angeles workshop while maintaining an inclusive environment free from judgement or preconceived notions–everyone is welcomed as they are!

Sword & Stone is a forge in the heart of Burbank, CA. With over 25 years experience forgesmith Tony Swatton at his side and with an eye always on authenticity he has helped create pieces that have become trusted sources by creative directors across all industries from film to video games alike.

It is not always easy to find the right person for your job, but when you do it can make all the difference between success and failure. That’s why we take great lengths in selecting our employees – they’re professionals with experience who know what needs doing; from fabricating metal buildings or designing custom steel windows and doors-to working on projects like plumbing fixtures!

The world deserves the rarest of storytelling through design, animation and technology. Blacksmith makes short or long format ads for any sort rectangle device with screens like TV commercials that’s fire! We also produce interactive content & product renderings to share your story in a unique way