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LAST UPDATED 6 Dec, 2021
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List of the Top Auction House in Los Angeles

HA.com is the number one place to go for anyone who has a valuable or fascinating object they want someone else to auction off and sell on their behalf. With over 125 world-class experts in 40 different categories, you’re sure to find just what you need!

In 1967, Isadore Chait started selling Chinese antiques from his living room. Today he has expanded to holding 20 auctions a year and is considered the premier boutique auction house of Beverly Hills because they consistently have an 80-90% sell-through rate with prices ranging from $100-$1M+. I.M. Chait Gallery/Auctioneers specializes in Asian art as well as jewelry, watches, fine art and more!

LAAD, a premier online auction company in California that delivers successful results by placing the interest of its clients above all else. LAAD is not just any old ordinary private equity firm: we are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for our customers and making sure they get what they pay for.

Established in 1744, Sotheby

One of the most popular collections is the Fine Arts section, which contains a variety of paintings and sculptures. The Jewely collection houses over 2 million pieces from all around the world in their showcases displaying even more intense color than what you have seen before.

Andrew Jones Auctions is the only full-service auction house in downtown Los Angeles with a wealth of knowledge and experience sourcing property from across North America. They have traveled to major international auction houses around the world, possessing an understanding for market trends as well as foresight into what’s coming next.

For centuries, the British have been known for their exquisite craftsmanship and love of art. Many consider it one of the most important cultural aspects in life; a pursuit that is both enjoyable to engage with as well as profitable when you find true gems like those from Bonhams. Bonham’s auction house has brought many auctions across England up by making them into events people will talk about forever more!

Art lovers and those looking for inspiration from a world-renowned auction house can find it at the Sotheby’s website. Ten different salerooms around the world offer free entry to all comers, so you have plenty of opportunity to view art in person or online!