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Last Updated Jul, 15, 2021

Wimgo uses a multi-phase selection process beginning with a holistic review by our data team to check any red flags or unresolved complaints. It then selects its curated list using its expert review team on five main criteria listed below, assigning them numerical values. Finally, it selected the top Design Project Managers in the United States .


Analysis of all reviews across verifiable platforms to determine overall sentiment.


Team experience and knowledge, along with number of years in business.

Service Quality

The quality of service delivered measured by quality, speed, and value.


Rate at which the business consistently produce high quality outcomes.

Customer Service

Reputation and quality of customer experience departments.

Top Design Project Managers in USA - 2021


They are a gifted firm for beauty, lifestyle, and With over fifteen years of design event in working with viewers such as Conde Nast, Estee Lauder and Calvin Klein, Larissa set out with the dream to assembled a design acion team of top talent focused on beauty and lifestyle make. Larissa earned her MFA in Design and machinery from Parsons School


Matter Films, founded in 2017, is a prize-winning making house originally designed by a network of cooperation. Since that time, They have put themselves as a one-stop-shop for scriptwriting-to-screen content creation. Matter gathered a group of matchless qualified filmmakers spreading their experience internationally while keeping their key in the Arizona community. With their ability to pass over across all spheres.

Copper Leaf Communications

5.0 7 Reviews

Copper Leaf Communications cut through the bullshit with critical thinking and human connection. Critical thinking means they dig deeper than regurgitating the Top 10 Ways to Succeed in 2020. They are new to your group. They are probably outsiders to your industry. they did not smash and mangle your business to fit some proven system for success.


When they boot off a new estimate, you are working with a group of people, people with pain, families, and principle. they are successful not just because of flair, They work hard, they play hard. Kevin sometimes lets them off an hour early when things are tough, and split the whip when things are tougher. they are locals, they are natives,


They escort brands to growth. They examine the complex to make it captivating, and compelling impactful. Above all, They trust in being good humans and serving their approach is centered on the trust that simple is better. People connect with brands and messages that make sense and are engaging compound


They are a full-kindness advertisement and declaration company fueled by big thinkers, innovative problem resolvers, and intentive technologists. Founded in 2009, their firm was built to support brands find their way. they love to change brands into industry powerhouses They know you will, too. They have gathered a beautiful team of experts. Their talents are really what set us apart.

Code and Theory

Their intent is to be amorphous a cluttered business countryside. Born internet at the crossing of creativity and technology. they approach digital as the strategy, not just a strategy. they specialize in categories that are experiencing important disturbance.They are in the business of building ability for our customer. they are only by limited


5.0 5 Reviews

Transmission develops transparency. At Ruckus, their relationships are partnerships, with a common motive of engineering success through well-planned and well-performed strategies. Concernis the key to operating a limit and results-driven environment. Ruckus utilizes a variety of tools to achieve Everything they touch has economic implications whether cost savings, improving limes,


A Company established by two best friends, Mills and Sinx in London in 2004, they set out to create a Company, marrying the best of family and business.they believe that by caring greatly for our people, customers, and colleague, they can release their collective genius. That means learn the art of alliance, crafting the excellent conditions for a group


They support dreamer explore new possibilities, products, and business models provide to thrive in today’s post-digital experience economy they bring together data-driven narrative, future-forward vision, and culturally-rich insights to activity identities and experiences that captivate whether it’s a rowdy push or thoughtful marketing funnels, They support brands cause leads and drive sales at every touchpoint.d convert audiences into true


Brolik is a slang term for power, and they used it back then to describe remarkable things. They wanted to stand out in a sea of innovative agencies, so when it came time to name their business Brolik just made sense. they embraced our unconventional name from that day on. Over the next 10 years, they developed into a device

Service Focus


AccuData started as a mailing list agency 3 decades ago, but the industry has changed since then and so have they. Today they provide fully integrated marketing solutions to thousands of customers from print shops and marketing agencies to some of the nation’s most beloved brands across the U.S.


Killer Visual Strategies is an industry-leading visual communication company that creates and implements communication and content advertising solutions across a diverse array of media, including infographics, motion graphics, augmented reality, and interactive experiences. Killer’s custom-designed campaigns assist customers to speak visually to the people who matter most. An Inc. 5000 firm, Killer has won 30+ awards for excellence in visual communication.


Matchstic focuses on that identity is important, and to stand out in your space, you have to know who you are. Their work does just that helping brands uncover and express what makes them unique and how they can drive culture forward. Because brand development is all they do, they can basis on the one thing that matters most: your identity.

Service Focus

Spark us

Spark Us approach building and growing strong brands begins with a few key beliefs. Businesses can’t stand out if they don’t stand for something. Lasting products improve what’s inside before focusing on shiny packaging. Every action is an essential opportunity to reinforce your truth and develop trust. Fans, employees, and communities connect with brands that lead with their values.


5.0 9 Reviews

Over the last decade, Pneuma33 has helped position hundreds of businesses into greater levels of growth and impact in their industries. With customers ranging from multi-billion-dollar firms to serial entrepreneurs, Pneuma33 has a proven track record in recognizing market benefits and effective product ideas. They beliefs Christians should be on the leading edge of technology, innovation, and design.


5.0 9 Reviews

Hyperakt is an aim-driven development and innovation agency that elevates human dignity and ignites curiosity. Since 2001, co-founders Julia Zeltser and Deroy Peraza, along with the Hyperakt team, have been partnering with change-makers moving society forward. They believe in design’s power to build a future filled with courage, optimism, and honesty.

United States

Social Distillery

Social Distillery put social first in every strategy while other Austin-based agencies only include social media as a service. 2017 held the first-year internet media spend surpassed traditional advertising. Here at Social Distillery, they believe in using publicly available social media data to build new strategies on behalf of our clients.


5.0 7 Reviews

At VisualFizz. they create digital marketing experiences that tell stories & win customers. VisualFizz is a full-service online advertising company that works with growth-stage firms developing their brand, mid-size businesses looking to outsource their advertising, and Fortune 500 organizations that feel it’s time to do something new, fresh, and efficient.

Service Focus

Artisan Creative

At Artisan Creative, they believe that a successful placement changes lives. It impacts their talent with opportunities for personal and professional growth, and their clients with the right team members to get the job done successfully. For over twenty years, their clients have trusted their expertise in recruitment to find the right hire for creative, marketing, and digital talent.

Logo Knox

Logo Knox is a digital branding, design, development, and advertising agency that provide ordinary and basic designing and development assistance. They are a premier hub for design strategies and dynamic interactive solutions. With a results-driven approach at the core of their operations, their teams solve complex and sophisticated problems with highly advanced digital solutions and a streamlined production process.