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LAST UPDATED 23 May, 2024
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List of the Top Medical Clinic in Dallas

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The UT Southwestern Family Medicine Clinic at the Texas Health Dallas provides care for all sorts of the families and the individuals, from wellness education to emergency consultations. It's a clinic that can meet your needs - no matter how complicated or simple they may seem!
At Prima Health Clinic, we take a holistic approach to health and wellness by providing service that includes but is not limited too nutrition evaluation services such as blood tests or urine samples. These measures help us assess your overall physical well being including hormones balance testing for testosterone levels along with other dermatology related screenings like colon cancer genetic markers if applicable.
At the Primary Care Clinic of North Texas, we strive to provide quality medical care at an affordable cost. Our mission is not only for those who can afford it but also everyone in need regardless of their background or income level. We've been providing this service since 1968 and have helped thousands find relief from illnesses that would otherwise bankrupt them financially.
Questcare Medical Clinic is committed to providing patients with the most effective care for their individual conditions. With multiple offices in different areas of town, Questcares staff members know how important it is that you feel comfortable visiting any one office rather than traveling long distances every time your schedule requires medical attention or if an emergency arises without warning!