Top Forensic Consultants in Austin - 2021

LAST UPDATED 8 Dec, 2021
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List of the Top Forensic Consultants in Austin

Gillespie Forensics & Investigations is a reputable company that specializes in cold cases, forensic analysis and criminal defense investigations. They are trusted by many clients for their high level of integrity and dedication to justice. Gillespie Forensics & Investigations employs only the most seasoned detectives who have experience with both law enforcement as well as private enterprises such as insurance companies or lawyers’ offices looking for legal support services.

Sage Investigations is a company that specializes in investigations, litigation support and expert witness services. They are owned by Edmond Martin who has 26 years of experience as an IRS Special Agent – which means he’s uniquely qualified to provide these types of investigation services for both criminal or civil matters with his expertise in following money, tracing assets, embezzlement cases and all sorts fraud-related issues.