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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. How to choose the right animation studio?
  2. Is animation studio art?
  3. What are animation studios?
  4. Which animation studio is the best?
  5. How much does it cost to hire an animation studio?
  6. Can I hire an animation studio?
  7. Which animation softwares is free?
  8. Are animation studios free?
  9. How much does an animation make in a year?
How to choose the right animation studio?

There are definitely some important things you’ll consider when you’re looking to get an animation studio for your project. First thing to do is define the industry you’re set in. This will help you navigate the right studio for that particular niche you’re working in. Next is to do your research and find the right animation studio for you from a list of good animation studios. At this stage, you must’ve already decided on the type of animated content you want, either explained video, game content or for a movie. Reviews can also help in narrowing down your list. Also, think about your budget before communicating with the animation studio. Then, you can look at their customer service and how well they communicate. After that, finalize the project details and pick your favorite option.

Is animation studio art?

Creating or designing any form of animated media definitely involves some kind of creativity and even in some cases characters will have to be drawn before transforming them into digital characters. Drawing is a form of art and not only that, but creativity and design are also topics commonly discussed in art. The work done in an animation studio can be referred to as art as it involves specific areas of art like drawing, finding the right match of colors, designing characters and even bringing them into life. Art is a very wide are of study and animation and animation studios definitely fall under it.

What are animation studios?

Animation studios are simply companies or rather, studios that produce all kinds of animated media. These studios produce videos that can be used for different things. Some animation studios work on their own project and bring out things like games or even movies while some are there for taking outsourced projects. Animation studios use specialized technology and softwares couples with adequate expertise in coming up with animated videos that can be used by clients. There are many animation studios in the world together and one of the popular ones is Disney who are very well known all around the world.

Which animation studio is the best?

When you’re talking about the best animation studios in the world, Disney and Pixar definitely has to be somewhere at the top of the list. But together with these two options, there are some really good animation studios who can also produce quite delightful work. They are DreamWork Animation, Nickelodeon Animation Studios, Studio Ghibli, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network Studios, Sony, Blue Sky Studios, Paramount Animations, Toei Animation and Illumination.

How much does it cost to hire an animation studio?

Prices will range depending on the animation studio as they’ll consider some factors before giving you a price range. If the animation studio is much less experienced, you can expect to pay less than when you choose to hire a very experienced animation studio for your work. The range for the cost of hiring an animation studio also has timing as a factor. The cost of producing a 30 minutes video will be different from when you’ll be requesting a 10 minutes animated video. On Average, it would cost around more than $100,000 for a 10 minutes animation, while you can spend more than $200,000 on a 30 minutes video. The price goes even higher when you’re hiring the animation studio for more than 30 minutes.

Can I hire an animation studio?

Yes, absolutely. An animation studio is in the business of making you quality videos for whatever reason you might need them for, be it business, or for promotion. They are better equipped and you can totally hire them to help you get your required content. Some of these animation studios have websites for easy access and from there you can find their portfolio for review and then be able to send them a message either through mail or setting up a chat with a customer representative.

Which animation softwares is free?

There are different free animation softwares available for users who would like to either create a 2D or a 3D video for either commercial use or non-commercial use. Most businesses today make use of 2D or 3D explainer videos for their advertising and it has proved to be one method that is fast becoming not only a trend but an effective way of passing messages about your products in a fun, informative and entertaining way for your customers. Some of the free animation software tools offer totally free packages while others have premium features which guarantee access to even more features that will make your videos look nice. Here’s a list of the top 10 free animation software in no particular order;
● Opentoonz
● Powtoon
● K-3D
● Toontastic 3D
● Animaker
● Blender
● Pencil 2D
● Stykz
● Synfig Studio
● Aurora 3D animation maker

Are animation studios free?

No, they are not. Animation studios are also in the business of making money. They produce content and gather paid afterwards. However, there are animation studio apps or softwares like Powtoon that allows you to make and design 2D animated videos for free to perhaps to an extent. The animation software tool helps users to create their 2D videos for free with a Powtoon logo displayed in the video and also as an outro for your video. To remove these, together with other features, you’ll need to upgrade to Premium and pay a particular price to get the premium features.

How much does an animation make in a year?

The amount an animator earns in a year depends on a number of factors which will determine how well the animator will be paid. Factors such as level of expertise, industry where the animator is working, and the relevant experience in the field will play a role in coming up with how much an animator gets after a job and year. Some animators work in the motion pictures industry, others for computer system design companies and another part working for software companies or advertising agencies. Averagely, the amount an animator makes in a year starts from about $50,000 to over a hundred thousand dollars depending on the factors stated above.