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LAST UPDATED 23 Apr, 2024
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Signal88Security provides top-notch security to its clients with a team that has over 20 years of experience each, specializing in criminal justice and intelligence monitoring services for businesses or small hotels looking not just at who comes into your building but also where they go when they leave!" Security Guard Service_8,Security Guard Service,Colorado,Denver,Signal 88 Security of Denver ,https://signal88.com/locations/security-services-denver-co/,,2.3,(720) 737-0888,,Emma The Lmt ,a year ago ,"These people have been the security for my apartment complex for about a month and already are disappointing. People are out reving their engines in the parking lot late af at night, blaring music all hours of the night and starting again at 5am Every Day. I've called probably 3 times with a noise complaint and they either don't answer the phone, and when they do, they don't show up to handle it. I've seen them 'patrol' maybe one time. This last call attempt was the last straw and I finally wrote an annoying review.
Twin City Security-Denver (TCS Denver) is committed to providing the best possible protection for our clients. We partner with only top tier agencies and have a very successful history of working together over many years while maintaining an exceptional level of service excellence in everything we do on behalf of you.