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Women's Clinic provides a safe, nurturing environment where we help our clients identify patterns of behavior and explore internal struggles that may be impacting their lives. From managing stress to recovering from trauma, Women's Center helps you get back on your feet with professional counseling services tailored for each individual client.

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4 Reviews

Please consider the effect this method of patient intake can have on prospective patients who are truly in need of help and guidance and dealing with sensitive mental health issues. The fact that the higherups at this institution denied our request to hold the interview inperson makes me seriously question their practical knowledge on mental health disorders and the effects they have on people. If you are dealing with more serious mental health issues, especially those related to trauma, I highly suggest you go elsewhere.


Cris A


Love Wcfcc, so glad that the counseling program is still available to help those in need.


Julie Malloy


Called because I need help. From the onset, I asked what the sliding scale is, I was answered with question, how much are you looking to pay? I gave a rundown of what's going on with me, wow, you have a lot on your plate, validation by a cliches, just what I needed. In the end, I gave up, too many insiped questions in the screening process. Sad experience, perhaps a good thing.


Rose R


I was in and out and confident about how my visit went. I have no reason to complain and will be going back there again should the need arise.


S Murphy