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At the heart of LA, we've been doing business since 1952. We do retail and wholesale on most photographic equipment no job is too small or too big for us!We offer modifications and custom work to all your photo needs from brand new cameras right up to vintage models with rare parts in 1000 square feet of space loaded with quality gear you can't find anywhere else.

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My son dug up his great grandpa




I have read rave reviews and I am already bought before I go in. I was imagining Walter to be like keymaker from the Matrix being near Chinatown. I am in for surprise. I wonder how he can work on Camera with those fingers. He is a strongly opinonated type. He recommend me not to buy a new expensive Camera and he recommended me not to take my camera to Hawaii to prevent it from damaging. He has other opinions as well. Having the knowledge that he is not the type to lie and magnify the problems for money is very reassuring. So I have requested him to remove an eyelash inside viewfinder and get a viewfinder rubber rest since mine is lost. I asked how much and he name the price for viewfinder rest. I gave him the money along with the 5 tips. We have a bit of conversation afterward and I get a lens cleaner brush. I ask how much?. He said you gave me tip. I will give you this free. We are even.


Alala Frnds


awesome awesome camera workshop. also has some old batteries and film for sale. the owner is extremely knowledgeable and has a wonderful sense of humour


Alasdair Russell


The shop is small and in a old part of town. The ownerworker was very helpful and seemed extreme knowledgeable. Went there to fix my Nikon 24 f14, which stopped focusing and communicating with the body (4 years old). The owner very quickly stated that he could not work on the lens because he can no longer purchase Nikon spare parts. I then asked him about cleaning the sensor on my well worn D800e. He checked it, said it was pretty clean and blew the dust and lint off where he could for no charge. I offered him money and he declined. We then had a long discussion about the merits of increasing pixel sized sensors and for shooting film again. Walter's is no frills. Although I had no service done at Walter's, I had a nice discussion about photography and gained some knowledge about the camera industry.


Albert Kao


Honest, quick, and good prices!


Alexander Puentes


Walter's is Amazing! I'm a high school photography teacher and I just brought them a ragtag collection of old film cameras. A couple trusty K1000s, 2 of my beloved Olympus Stylus Epics, a Canon Elan, a Vivitar... . I'd basically decided they were all paper weights because usually repairs cost more than buying a new used camera, but I thought I'd give Walters a try. The gentleman (whose name is not Walter but if i tried I'd mangle his name so i'll leave it at that) was delightful. He assessed each camera and what it needed, gave me a price while I was there so I could decide if i'd leave it with him or not (i left them all). He called me just Three days later to pick them all up! All are working now for a very reasonable price. This is my new favorite small business I highly recommend Walters Cameras!


amy russell


They didn't fix my camera, leaving it in worse condition than when I dropped it off, and are now ignoring their 3 month warranty. I paid for nothing and wasted my time. They also force you to pay cash, so you can't dispute the charge. I'm not even sure they were capable of fixing it in the first place, might be a scam. They also told me fake operating hours when I wanted to bring the camera in to show them that their repair didn't work. Hmm...


Antonio Stellato


They fixed my contax t3 in two days! Amazing people and service. Thank you Walters!!!!


Ashley Osborn


Ive brought my Hasselblad camera her twice, The first time for just an alinement because one of the film backs were off. The second time because the shutter is super sticky, I'm assuming from the lubricant they used. Told them the shutter worked perfectly when I brought in the first and was told that I don't use it enough and thats why its sticky


B & Andrew


Took my lens to get repaired 2 months ago. Really thought it was well repaired. Until the lens started to come apart at the place he repaired it. Lost the paper receipt and just asked to speak with the owner he wouldn


Brendan Minto