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When you partner with our Los Angeles fertility center, you gain access to a high-level of care that the world has come to know and trust. Your successful outcome, bringing home a healthy baby drives us in perfecting every aspect of your treatment plan from start to finish.

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7 Reviews

My husband and I are eternally grateful to the Usc Fertility team, we are currently 32 weeks pregnant with a baby boy! We were taken care of by Dr. Bendikson and her Rn Vicki, who were always available to answer any of our questions promptly via email. Usc Fertility and its staff are organized, thoughtful, caring and empathetic to those of us who need fertility treatments. I'm thankful to have found a fertility care team that I trust and uses the most uptodate academic medicine in achieving fertility success. I went though two rounds of Ivf in order to become pregnant... Dr. Bendikson and her staff were always supportive throughout this emotional (and at times very taxing) journey. My husband and I highly recommend all the physicians, RN's and staff at Usc Fertility.


AnneMarie Girard


They also hyper stimulated the donor and therefore our choice donor will never be a donor again. We absolutely and completely abhor Usc Fertility just a lot of arrogance and hot air and inhumane people.


Brandon Seles


We had great success with Usc and Dr Baker. Before coming here we did 3 IUIs with Kaiser and I had two pretty traumatic miscarriages. Because of this, we opted to test our embryos before implanting. Our first round we didn


Christina Danton


My husband and I originally chose Usc Fertility for their clinical expertise and competitive prices. Under the care of Dr. Bendikson, we completed two rounds of Ivf and have had positive results with our most recent Fresh Embryo Transfer. Dr. Bendikson worked with us to customize a care plan that specifically matched our fertility challenges and graciously guided us through our different treatment plans and options. I am most grateful for the time that all of the providers (physicians, fellows, and especially the nurses) spent answering our questions and making sure we understood what was happening at every step of our journey. The care that you receive here is excellent, highquality academic medicine and a care team that is truly invested in your outcomes. Finding a care team that builds personal relationships with their patients is often challenging, but at Usc Fertility it started on Day 1. I would highly recommend Usc Fertility to anyone Ttc or looking at options for fertility preservation.




Very knowledgable and helpful. My partner and I have tried many times until we came to usc for help. Both of us have many problems but we are excited to welcome twin In our family.


Jessica Huynh


Super factual, pleasant and helpful. We went in after I got an analysis done. Then the price of my analysis was discounted from the consultation for us both. Dr Bendikson and the staff were perfectly appropriate. We left knowing the next courses of action for the next few months and prices seem honest and fair.


Mike Jonson


I've been with this clinic for so many years. I want to recommend them highly because they practice up to date, state of the art, evidence based medicine, they do it with love, dedication and a smile, and they balance it with being honest and hopeful...that's a tall order. I mainly worked with Dr. Bendikson and Victoria the nurse and they were both wonderful: they kept me on track, were invested in my success and are clearly compassionate about the work they do.


varsha puri