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We provide our students with experiences that will best prepare them to be successful in this evolving health care environment and able to take on technology. Our graduates are skilled at problem solving, communication, compassionate person-centered care; all of which is necessary for the future of dentistry.

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8 Reviews

I have been seen by the Oral Maxillofacial clinic a few times over the past decade, with the most recent visit last month. Staff are friendly and welcoming. It is true that sometimes it is difficult to get a live person to answer the phone. I have had the best luck in calling after 2 pm or just emailing them directly.


Ana Quintana


Actually, this place, thus far, has been a hair raising experience. I went in yesterday for an extraction. It took almost two months to get this appointment even though I was referred by my dentist in Santa Monica. I didn't get the extraction and could not understand virtually anything the intern said to me. They sent me home only to come back for an extraction on another tooth and a suggestion that I see a surgeon for the other matter. I was given a sameday refund from the cashier. I was at their window at ten minutes to five. It was already closed. Today, I was transferred five times attempting to reach the cashier. Utlimately, I was sent to a voicemail and told to leave a number. I'm giving all of the details so you can directly experience what it has felt like to deal with this place.


David Harder




David Murphy


We had great experience with Ucla dentistry. My daughter is special needs and has to be sedated to have her teeth cleaned and filled. The dentist was able to conduct their procedure while another surgery was being done so my baby would only have to go under once. They were kind and through, we really like Dr. Katz she was great with special needs children!


jane doe


I really like their services. My nephew who is going through a hard economic hardship is currently receiving his dental services through them. The only catch is trying to find sources to pay for the services. Don't take me wrong, their costs are very low, but when you have no source of income and you need major work, its kind of hard to keep getting the work done.


Marlon Ramos


No follow up. About 40 voicemails left. Never pick up the phone. No reply back. Stuck for months.


Mymy French


I was so dissapointed with their Dental implants


R. Fitz


I scheduled an appointment for a root canal but had to reschedule twice because I couldn't find a ride since I live in Bakersfield. So, I had my husband take a day off from work so he can take me to my appointment. And when I scheduled I specifically asked for a female student doctor for religious reasons. The lady that scheduled seemed confused. She first told me to come in on Tuesday because that's when they have a female doctor. But then right before we hung up, she said to come in Monday. Not even a minute later, she calls back and says she meant Tuesday. I asked are you sure and it's a female right? She said yes. So, my appointment day comes along and I was already having a bad feeling because usually they call a day before to remind me but didn't this time. I couldn't call to make sure before we left because they weren't open yet. So, we head out before 6:30 in the morning. We arrived a little after 9 and when we get there, they say I have No Appointment Scheduled! I tried explaining but he said it doesn't show in their system. So, I asked if they can squeeze me in since I came from Bakersfield and they said they can but only with a male. I didn't want to do that, so we just went home. Waste of time, gas, miles. My husband was off from work for a few days so he can take me (he does trucking). My son missed his school because I wasn't at home to teach him (home school). It was such a huge disappointment!


Umm Meekal