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Teacher Care givers are the most trusted home childcare educators in the nation. Choosing a TeacherCaregiver can help you ensure that your child’s needs are met while they learn and grow with an experienced teacher who is always there for them when needed. Let our highly trained teachers make sure your baby gets all of their developmental milestones on time!

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I am a nanny and have Loved working with the TeacherCare team. They were incredibly helpful in finding a family that met my needs and matching our personalities. I appreciate their mission and their continued support after this job placement


Alison Tews


It's been wonderful working with TeacherCare over the years. I found TeacherCare right out of college and Tc helped me find a great family to work with. Then, more recently, when I decided to move again from teaching in the schools to teaching in the home, the TeacherCare team was there to help me find a fantastic family to work with! TeacherCare really understands what a difference one on one learning can make in the early years! Thank you Tc!


Amy Brice


With the help of TeacherCare, I was placed with a wonderful family with whom I worked for six years. I became a teacher because I love teaching, not doing endless paperwork. This position allowed me teach in very creative ways tailored to the learning styles of each of the children and to feel as though I was part of a team with the parents. I always felt valued, respected and appreciated. What a pleasure!


chris hayman


Our family met friendly, smart, overqualified candidates that would


Jamie Pechak


After working independently as a nanny for 10 years, I got on board with TeacherCare as a TeacherCaregiver and Loved working with them! They are hardworking, and they want their families and caregivers to be happy and get along well. I loved the families who chose me, and I credit TeacherCare with marketing me and bring us together. An excellent company to work with if you are a caregiver, and I would highly recommend them if you are seeking a caregiver for your children.


Jenny Addison


I am currently employed by TeacherCare of Chicago and continue to enjoy my experience each day. After applying on a Saturday to be a Teacher Caregiver, I was contacted the following Monday and interviewing with the organization shortly thereafter. The interview process was comfortable and the necessary employment documents were no where near overwhelming. After the initial interview, I worked closely with Jessica, Director of Career and Family Services, to find the family that I was the best fit for. That process took a bit longer than I hoped it would due to incongruences between my schedule and families' needs, but Jessica kept in constant contact with me, reliably sent me updated profiles of families looking for a Teacher Caregiver, and was always available via email and phone to discuss and changes or new opportunities. Once I was hired by a family, TeacherCare remained available to work with me through any questions regarding benefits, scheduling, and expectations. Though TeacherCare's direct role is no longer part of my workday, TeacherCare continues to communicate their willingness to offer support should any questions or concerns arise. If you're looking for an agency that will work closely with you, communicate with you, and will do their darnedest to find the best fit for you, give TeacherCare a try!




We have used TeacherCare providers for the past 5 years for our son. He has developmental delays and requires a care provider with a high level of experience, teaching knowledge, compassion, and understanding for developmental milestones and the therapeutic approaches that facilitate growth. We could not be happier with the providers we have found through TeacherCare. They are professional, responsible, reliable...and, best of all, they show our son great love and respect. We will be using TeacherCare providers for years to come.


Maureen Stress


I found a job through TeacherCare and I really like this company. They really do find a kid that matches your experience. I had experience working with autism and other special needs kids and they were able to find a family that had a child with autism that was a really good fit for me. The family I work for is great and TeacherCare is really helpful in getting you started. I would recommend going through this company.


Monica Geick


I was interviewed and placed with a family through TeacherCare back in 2009. TeacherCare not only placed me with a great family, but they gave me resources to use with the family during my placement there. TeacherCare continues to email with current families looking for help. I would recommend professionals and families to this company!


natasha brown


TeacherCare helped me to find a great family to work for as I transitioned out of working in a school. I was able to work one on one with a boy on the autism spectrum who I absolutely adore. I have so many fond memories from the experience. TeacherCare was incredibly professional and provided me with an experience to apply my education and work on a more individual level with a child and family that treated me with love and care. Thank you!


Vickie Pang