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We are dedicated to providing our patients the highest quality of care with respect and compassion, while also employing innovative technologies in order to optimize success rates for creating families. Our practice is welcoming and inclusive of a diverse patient population so that no one feels like they don't belong here.

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None of this would have been possible without them. We are forever grateful.


Amanda Hall


Dr. Surrey gave us the greatest gift of all our son Oliver. Five years of infertility. Two failed IVFs in Oc. 1 round of Ivf with Dr. Surrey. And we were Blessed with our amazing son. The greatest joy of our lives. We are eternally grateful to Dr. Surrey and the staff and technology at Southern California Reproductive Center.


Amy Spurgeon-Hoffman


I had the worst experience, couldn't even get a consultation. After two voicemails and one written request no one has called me yet with a consultation date


Ana Simeonova


Went in for what was a free consult and almost walked out with a 275 bill. Seems this place doesn


Bad Drivers Of La


Staff are very rude when you call. They speak in a very sarcastic rude tone and no one ever gets back to you when you leave messages.


Beautiful Aaliyah


Anyone going through this process knows it can be challenging in every way possible. Luckily, we were able to go on this journey with Dr. Surrey and his incredible team. No matter what happened, they calmly and efficiently guided us through it. He knew when to recommend an additional procedure, and when to reassure us that everything was going well. Because of this expertise, we were fortunate enough to conceive on our first round of Ivf. I am now 26 weeks along, and looking forward to giving birth to our beautiful daughter in July. All of the nurses, especially Olivia, were always available at the drop of a hat to communicate with us and provide us with amazing service. The office can get a little crowded, but I assume that's just because many others are also hoping to get in on the miracles that this group does their best to perform. My husband and I will be forever grateful, and will not hesitate to turn to Dr. Surrey again should we need assistance with our second baby. Update 2020: I am now pregnant with our second child, after another great round with Dr. Surrey. I know every time and person is unique, but I have gone from conviction I could never get pregnant to being fortunate enough to be on my way to another baby. Very grateful.


Claire Ackad


Dr. Hal Danzer is like a gentle friend who wants to help. He is very interactive, caring, informative, thorough, and thoughtful. I appreciated his expertise as much as his personal connection with me and my husband. Doctor visits can be anxietyprovoking, but Dr. Danzer had us disarmed and comfortable within minutes. I learned a great deal that day. He called me personally by phone on several occasions to follow up after my appointment. He is a gem.


Dana Yeoman


My fertility story started many years ago but I have two beautiful children today because of Dr. Surrey and his team. I had gone through three unsuccessful Ivf treatments in Nyc and was referred to Dr. Surrey by a family friend (who happens to be a highly regarded fertility doctor in Philadelphia) when I moved to La. Dr. Surrey figured out that I needed a hysteroscopy to figure out what was going on and then a treatment to help build up my uterine wall. He approached my case with science and experience. Fertility is a tricky thing and I was a tough case but we got there (twice!) and I'm so grateful! His team is extremely supportive and they understand that this is a very emotional time for any couple. I can't tell you how many times I cried while the very patient nurse took my blood and just allowed me to cry. I highly, highly recommend Scrc.




Dr. Alexander is the best. She


Farrah Noorbakhsh


The staff at Scrc will always have a special place in my heart. I cannot thank them enough for helping my husband and I on our journey to becoming parents. From the very start, they were always supportive, understanding, and kind. When things weren't going our way, their sympathy and reassurance kept my husband and I going. Because of their amazing work, we are now the proud parents of a beautiful little girl.


Hills Household