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SmogShoppe is one of the most sustainably designed urban spaces both in Los Angeles and the United States. The space exceeds nearly every requirement for LEED Platinum Certification, with 90% Green certified or salvaged materials as well as over 80% recycled construction items; this high-tech building will reduce your carbon footprint by up to 40%.

Los Angeles,ca
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67 Reviews

Attended a wedding here. Really unique venue. Would highly recommend.


Aaron Rubinstein


Recently attended a beautiful wedding here. The concrete walls were nicely adorned with lush greenery and the industrial look honestly give it a pretty hipster label. Nonetheless the space is really nice and you can hire your own catering company for any event. Outdoor area can be redone with various layouts as with the indoor dining space. Upstairs is fitted with a space for the guest of honor hosts with an area for the Dj, and a private bathroom.


Albert Wong


This unique venue features indoor and outdoor space, a wall of succulents and a rustic atmosphere that makes it a hidden oasis in the heart of the hustle and bustle of La. I attended a private party and there was plenty of space for a bar, four food stations, a stepandrepeat and long tables for dining, socializing and relaxing. A cozy upstairs lounge is cordoned off for private use and is nice for taking a break from playing host or hostess and good for spying on the partygoers below you (yes, I said it). A parking lot is available adjacent to the building. A gem in the heart of the big city!


Amy Wilschke


Great place for a roadshow! Excellent venue


Anita Davis


Great venue for all sorts of events. Weddings, fundraisers, and more. Eco friendly repurpose of a smog shop.


Anne Kim


I'm hesitant to write this review because I don't want my new favorite place to get too crowded! Rock Wall is a group of wine makers that do it all in the hangar next to the tasting room. Three tasting menus, 515. Free if you spend more than 20 which we all did no problem. All of the people pouring were so nice and knowledgeable. I'm totally down for the high end wine experience in Napa, but this was a nice change, without the drive.


Arthur Sherwin


Nice venue for a party. Indoor and outdoor space.


Bikes, Beards and Beer


What a great place for a wedding, but they need to work on the parking.


Bill Elliott


Came here with Backstage game for a Google event. Cool place,open area for events


Brian Gladous


love coming here! such a hidden gem in alameda. great view. descently priced wine and you can bring your own food and relax for a few hours or munch on the food at le truc. but be forewarned...they close at 6 :(


Carrie Hamilton