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Established in 2010, we offer the lowest total delivered cost including delivery to your Funeral Home. Browse our website for an online video library of beautiful caskets and choose from one without any surprises or special handling fees! We can deliver locally with a professional driver who will take care of everything upon arrival at your funeral home.

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As an out of state customer, I was concerned that our casket may be delayed during the holiday season due to Covid and high shipping demand. No problems for us. We appreciated Scott's experience, attention to detail and patience as we shopped their large selection of beautiful and affordable caskets. No reason to spend literally thousands more through a mortuary.


Blake Hobson


Scott was amazing and answered all our questions. The casket was beautiful for our Dad and arrived on time. It was in perfect condition and was what we ordered. We saved a bundled buying it from Same Day Caskets. You can


candace tucker




Cherie Pittington


Scott and Same Day Caskets are very professional and go the extra mile to make sure everything is correct with your order and their are no issues at the funeral homes. I highly recommend this company and especially working with Scott. Their are no hidden surprises, when dealing with this company. I will continue to recommend and use this company, in the future.


Eddie Chavez


The service from Scott we received was excellent. Very caring and honest. The casket we received was beautiful and exactly what we wanted. I highly recommend this company for your casket needs. They are sympathetic to your situation, and don't take advantage of you during this difficult time. They have a great selection & many different price points and don't pressure you to spend more . A big heart felt thank you for caring.


Fe'Belle' E'lant


I Love The service that scott provided he provided an excellent service and has been very helpfull to me he also gave me a reasonable price for the casket!! I brought the cascett for my brother in law, and the cascett was as good as what I expected.


Hong Thio


My husband passed away, and I was in search for a casket. I called one company I only remember the man's name was Rex he was so pushie I thought he was a scam company. I continued to search, and came across Scott at Same day Casket. Scott was one of the best Company Reps. I have ever dealt with. Everything he promised was 100% true. I would recommend Same Day Casket to everyone. I know my family have a new friend...Thanj you Scott!


Kathy pearson


I want to thank Scott for all his help in picking out a casket for our mother. She passed away 10 days after my dad. They were able to deliver the caskets on time. So we could have a double funeral. The casket was beautiful, white with gold praying hands . You cannot go wrong with buying from this company. The price is more than half anywhere else plus theyre beautiful and good quality!


Michael Cerankowski


We saved a lot of money for going to them for the casket. We never had experienced any problem with the service. The people whom we had contacted are professional and really helpful.


Nance R.


Thank you so much Scott Same Day Casket.


Yolanda Soto