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Reproductive Partners Beverly Hills is a center for reproductive treatment in Southern California. They are internationally recognized and seen as one of the leading providers to deal with IVF, egg freezing, and other fertility treatments that help couples conceive children or become pregnant more easily after experiencing infertility problems.

Los Angeles,ca
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5 Reviews

This is the best!


Cynthia Highfive


We are on our fourth round of iui now and on our third round my wife had began her cycle early. The nurses decided it was ok to have her come in a week after that at which point it was discovered that she had actually conceived, chemically or otherwise. They then decided to put her on progesterone after her progesterone levels had already dropped. This then made her cycle late which delayed our next treatment to another month out. We are now another month out and we are having similar complications. We left a voicemail on their nurses line on the day after thanksgiving, which I understand them not being available. I followed up the following day and was told to leave another voice mail (Saturday) now I am getting pushed to a message that says they are closed for the thanksgiving holiday. It is unacceptable for them to have such poor availability for their patients.


Erik Dell


Great doctors and staff. They always make me feel welcome. Now, I'm pregnant!!!


Kandy R


Worst communication ever they never pick up the phone. They make it so hard to optain your medical records and they don't send everything . They call you back after hours so if you missed their call you can't call back the same day. You start with one doctor you end up seen by 3 doctors with no communication between them. They almost had me repeat blood work because of miscommunication. Too many employees not enough efficiency of work. A frustrated ex patient of yours.


Salah Abdulameer


I just want to say that I thank God and doctor Carrie Wambach every single day. Both of them making miracle.????


Vasilina Harandi