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The powerful attorneys of Peter K. Levine in Los Angeles are on your side when you have been unlawfully terminated, discriminated against or denied your rights as an employee. We handle both individual and class action lawsuits involving wrongful termination discrimination, sexual harassment unpaid overtime and other employment law violations that we represent a select number of employers who need strong representation for these cases too!

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The judge, almost immediately, upon start of the trial, showed a dislike for Mr. Levine. In fact it was Mr. Levine's recommendation that we go to trial without a jury, thus letting the judge decide the case. Mr. Levine kept saying what a good judge, etc. The judge had to rule twice on the case due to his first ruling being outside the scope of the trial. The judge was so favorably admired by Mr. Levine he overlooked the biggest and most important fact about the judge, he is super conservative and rules in favor of the defendant in most labor cases. Mr. Levine's judgement was way off in choosing a trial by judge and who the judge really is. A lawyer is supposed to know and have the experience to make these types of judgments. Mr. Levine failed in all instances.


David Friedman