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Perfect Image Printing in Los Angeles is a shop that can offer you all of your printing needs. From offset to digital and everything in between, these experts have the skillset needed for any job. They're also able to provide you with exceptional customer service while providing low prices on quality workmanship!

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Bailing me out of every last minute fiascoevery single time. Shoutout to my dude Poe. Getting me what i need with impossible turnaround times.




Excellent! quality prints from perfect image printing the best printing in Los Angeles. I usually order all my business prints or flyers here. They provide me with very good quality prints for a good reasonable price. Will definitely recommend them to everyone.


Berth W


I was in a bind when a highlevel executive at my company accidentally forgot his business cards for a series of very important meetings in Los Angeles which is across the country from where I was located. I was so thankful to have found Perfect Image Printers who were not only able to deliver 500 business cards to his hotel the next morning but their services were affordable and of high quality. I highly recommend to anyone needing fast, quality, and affordable printing services!


Catharine Drettmann


Great service, friendly people there to help me feed my poster addiction. Seriously. Photos, paintings, and images turned to posters covering every inch of my walls. My roommate threatens murder, but I don't care, and these guys have the best poster printing in Wilshire. Thanks Perfect Image!


Charlie Thomas


They were kind, quick and extremely helpful with printing our wedding invites. I will be absolutely returning to them. just fantastic people.


Coco LaFousfous


Customer service at perfect image printing is amazing. They broke down all the different options they have and what the difference between them would be. They were very helpful and understanding and helped me through the process and got it done quick.


Hannah Brooks


Everytime I have come to perfect image printing they have always been very Professional and get the work done on the time that they have specified before. I would trust them when I am in need for a print in a hurry and need to get it done fast.


Harvey Adams


Perfect Image Printing is my first choice when comes for printing in Los Angeles. Quality printing with affordable prices. They maintain their standard all the time. Will definitely recommend Perfect Image Printing.


Howard Mark


Definitely one of the best printing services in Los Angeles. They will print anything you want and have it ready for you right away on the same day itself. I needed to print a bunch of brochures and went to them. They had it all ready by the time a came back. I would recommend going to them for your printing needs.


Jaxx Redmond


Extremely rude and unprofessional. I called them to try to find out what color modes a vinyl print would need to be in before I sent the file to them. The man who answered the phone gave me my answer and I thanked him for his help. Moments later, he called me back and started demanding to know why I called his shop. I explained to him politely that I just wanted to know if their printers accepted a specific color mode and he'd given me the answer I was looking for. I even said i appreciated your help, thank you. Then he said, clearly frustrated, what a waste of time. I said, thanks, and hung up. It actually wasn't a waste of time for a few reasons: for one, it helped me to know how to set up my file before sending it to them, and two, it helped me see how unprofessional they were and that I should send my work to a different business.


Jessica Thomas