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NY Sun Club welcomes you to visit any of our tanning salons. We offer traditional, spray or customized airbrush tans in a clean and safe environment with state-of-the art European equipment. Our friendly staff will guide you through all your options for the perfect bronze look!

New York City,ny
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unreal. their “best beds” ... the plastic is melted by the bulbs. no music on the machine. vents are coming out of their sockets , and it’s been like this for months after complaint after complaint. things like this reflects management and shows that things aren’t being done correctly. now i question whether these snooty girls even clean those beds or not


Al Nesty


Great beds, wonderful customer service


Angie Echevarria


Love this place


Angie Giovanniello


Very clean. Affordable prices. Nice girls in front desk. Love it. Alot of options with machines. Just enjoying every week there.


anna montesinos


Bought a package for my wife and was told Sundays were free. Wrong!! Fine print ..must buy a lotion for 7. I feel cheated. You lost us as costumers and will lose others with your stupid lotion selling schemes.




Superb customer service, clean, and very knowledgeable.


Erin Henderson


Super clean, little to no wait, but even if you have to wait their staff is very professional about it, so it doesn't even matter. Each of the staff members I have had contact with were helpful & knowledgeable regarding the equipment and services offered. They are are so pleseant, & seem happy you are there. Honestly have not been able to find a place that offers at least decent customer service, and here they are Fantastic!!!!!! I would and will recommend.


Holly Diaz


I don't understand why Ny Sun Club Howard Beach location closes at 10 pm on weekends yet I have gotten denied at the door at 9:20pm. It's pretty bothersome . Especially when I pay a pretty penny to tan there.They shouldn't be closing more than a half hour early. Some people have to rush to get there after work before the salon closes ... a half hour is a long time , especially when it takes only 12 minutes to tan . Who's the manger ? I have been coming here for months and at different times during the day and have still yet to be aware of who the superior of the salon is. If I did have the chance to talk to the manger, I would suggest to him or her to instill some common courtesy into the employees. A simple smile from the workers there would be appreciated. I think it's a proper practice in all businesses to greet any customers that come into your place of work. They should also work on having towels in all of the rooms. There has been many times I got stuck without a towel , and there's even been times where I was put in a bed that wasn't sanitized. You shouldn't be able to see the imprint of a head, neck and shoulders of the person who tanned before you. If service doesn't improve at this location, I am definitely switching tanning salons.


Jane Doe


Very clean place , nice staff.


JenJuicey Juice


Good machines and they are clean.


Jodi Lawsky