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Nathans Family Law, APC is committed to providing individuals and families with limited scope services that address necessary family law disputes. They understand how challenging your situation can be because they've been there too! Their vast experience in the field will give you peace of mind as well as educational advice on what may happen if things get worse.

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thats crazy he doesn't care at all (only money money and nothing else), if you're looking for a good lawyer don't hire michael nathans! this is true and not false !!! you guys can contact me


Alex Assouline


Mr. Nathans helped me with a bitter divorce. He asked me not to stress and the entire process was smooth. He is direct, thorough, and very efficient. Mr. Nathans and his staff kept me in the loop and took the stress out of my case. I highly recommend Mr. Nathan


Caithlin Hewey


Choosing Michael Nathans to represent me during my divorcechild custody was the worst mistake I ever made. I found out that my husband had acquired representation only a few days before our first hearing. During my first meeting with Mr. Nathans instead of listening to the facts of my case he proceed to use fear tactics about the process, named dropped all the judges he knew and was very pushy about me signing his contract. Unfortunately I was desperate and I signed. However, I explained to him very clearly that I was a single mother working part time and his retainer of 5,500 was my entire savings and in no uncertain terms would I have any further funds past that amount. He saw my financial disclosures and pay check stubs that I had no additional funds and he still took the case. I asked to be notified about the status of my retainer during the process. I thought the process would go quickly and smoothly as the other side wanted a reasonable resolution. However, Mr. Nathans put together a completely unreasonable proposal, that he billed me hours for, and sent it to opposing counsel without even showing it to me or getting my consent. The proposal was completely unrealistic and put a halt to any reasonable negotiations. I sent him an email saying that I felt my requests


gis poi


Given my overwhelmingly positive experience w Michael's office, I am skeptical the negative reviews posted here are from actual clients more likely from opposing parties.


Joe Kovach


Btw, my wife loves him too and he has the coolest assistants (Jonnie, if you're reading this...thanks for the good talks)!




I have always believed in giving credit where it is due. I must say that hands down, Michael Nathans is certainly a top notch Family Law Attorney. He is very passionate, professional, experienced and extremely skilled at what he does. His counsel and expertise have proven to be so very valuable. Anyone who has found themselves facing divorce knows that it is one of the most difficult, devastating, confusing times of your life. Having an attorney that I can talk to, one of such high caliber helping me to navigate through these rough waters has allowed me to breathe and sleep a little easier. My case has been a very difficult one and Attorney Michael Nathans has been with me every step of the way. I am very grateful for all of the hard work that he and his amazing staff have done and for all of the victories we've had. If you are looking for the very best , Attorney Michael Nathans is it......The Very Best !!!


LaTescia Evans


Called looking for an attorney to help with a case and this not so pleasant attorney didn't even finish his sentence before hanging up on me. Apparently, he doesn't handle my type of case. Good luck to you Michael Nathans.


Manny Lopez


I really appreciate Michael Nathan service he is a really good attorney and shows his lead and Court he's really aggressive and positive I'm really satisfied with his services .I'm very pleased on how well everything came out to be in court.Dealing with my ex that been trying to take my children away and always cause me problems and trying to get me in trouble by Falls I can say shins again to me to try to take away my children Michael Nathan's reinsured me everything will be okay he made me feel really comfortable and ensuring that he will get me the best custody he can provide which indeed he did something that thought what it took many years he took care of it and one day it got me a court order judgement and promise me a low child support as possible which indeed he did save me thousands of dollars which the mother never helped me contribute towards my kids out of the six years being with her really helped out she was a cheater while I was at work never cared too much about her children I was really stressed out and fell depressed he made me feel a lot better he would cheer me up and give me hope. I was very satisfied on how well things went out in court I would consider Michael Nathan's Law Office attorney my friend and highly recommend him to any other person.


michael nacar


We are still waiting for the final decision in our case, but we are very happy that we made a sound decision to hire him. The efforts he put in our case and his passion to win is what impressed us the most. He never sits idle for few minutes and doesn


Owais Ahmed


Do not hire this man to represent you. He will go through your 5,500 retainer in one week, billing you for frivolous emails and not accomplishing anything. He does not care about his clients, only how much money he can rip you off for. Trust me!


peter stevens