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After struggling with addiction for so long, it is time to take a step back and find what the root of your problem really stems from. A new life awaits you at Muse where we have designed our program to give you everything that you need in order get on the right track again.

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first time ever in rehab and I am extremely glad I chose Muse. Staff is extremely helpful and friendly. Everyone that I have met makes you feel like you're at home. The compassion and the way you can tell everyone actually cares is amazing. I would definitely recommend this place 1000 times over to anyone I know. Not t mention they feet you amazing too.


Alexis Johnson


The staff at muse saved my life.. i used to do a shot of heroine before and after everything i did in my life and i was extremely unhappy i had no idea how miserable i was until muse helped pull me out of my addiction and my depression. They help you through the withdraws by tapering you off and they make you as comfortable as possible, and the medical staff will check on you every hour of the day to reassure that there isn't anything else they can do to make you feel any more comfortable. The therapist and case managers are there for you whenever you need to talk and they will advocate for you and make sure that even after the detox that you have some where that you can continue your sobriety journey where you are safe and taken care of. They accept couples which a lot of places don't and I'm not sure why because i think that having my boyfriend to lean on made it that much easier. i appreciate all the help that muse has offered me whenever i needed it the most and i would recommend it to anyone else that really wants to make one of the hardest but most rewarding decisions to get clean and learn to love yourself


alexsis woods


I knew quitting on my own wasnt an option. I was a complete mess when i checked into detox at muse treatment. I was emotionally, physically & spiritually sick. From there i realized they had an exceptional clinical team, i knew i was in safe hands the min i walked in the door. I didnt want for anything. All my needs where met. I am so grateful for alot of the staff, they too hv been there done that and theyll show u the way. Muse has good structure, you are surrounded by lots of love and recovery. Multiple times my addiction was telling me to leave and go get high but i couldnt bc Each & Every Day I Was Taught something new at this program and i didnt wanna give up. I didnt know how much fun it would be turning my life around. These People Care More About You Than You Care About Yourself. They Will Love U So Much Until U Love Yourself. This program has provided me everything i needed. They took every step w me.... From june telling me what i needed to hear not what i wanted, Dayna making me feel like i was loved so very much even on the days i wasnt lovable at all. Kevin giving me those extra chances and loving me thru them, Victoria and Stephanie chatting and laughing w me, to maryann hvn her arms open at a beautiful home..... I cant speak highly enough about what i just went through at muse. If you are reading this and u think you aint worth it or u can manage the detox or your afraid or anything..... This is the place. I was that person. Im not anymore. I didnt wake up dopesick today. I can actually say i love who i am again. Xoxoxo


Amanda Mcguire


Changed my life. Saved my life! Highly recommended!


amy sorrell


Leaving the first time against there word and there staff was always here for me with open arms recommended to any one who is wanting help from addiction


Andy Go


Muse Treatment is a beautiful program, that is both effective and professional. I truly urge anyone who knows someone needing help, or if yourself is searching for answer, please give Muse a call. Muse saved my life, and gave me the foundation to live a joyous life.


Anthony Addison


Muse truly felt like home during my stay. Being from Nc (home) was difficult, however, much easier once I felt the love and compassion I received from the staff members. I came in desperate for help and that is exactly what I was given along with hope, understanding and the tools I needed to overcome my battles. Not only did I get the help that I needed but I also got to see beautiful landscapes when on outings. If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, Please reach out to Muse and let them help you on your road to recovery. Thanks to Kevin and the staff members I can enjoy my life again.


Ashley Truitt


Hello, Ive been to four other treatment centers. All of which were not the greatest of times. However this is my fourth treatment and I


ashton graybill


I just completed my programming at Muse and I couldn


Beau Hardt


Muse treatment is an absolute blessing in the recovery community. They run an amazing program, passionate staff, exceptional clinical, and a wonderful environment to facilitate the journey into recovery. I would absolutely recommend Muse Treatment for a loved one in need.


Brandon Carol