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If you've been fired from your job and don't know where to turn, choose Miracle Mile Law Group. Our attorneys have the experience navigating employment law so that's why employers consult us when they want someone gone but can't get it done on their own without getting in trouble themselves. Once we take on a case for discrimination or wrongful termination, our team is committed until justice has triumphed!

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Call them for all your personal injury and Employment dispute cases.


Abe Shay


They were patient, addressed all of my concerns and ultimately got me a resolution that I could not be happier with. I wholeheartedly recommend the lawyers at Miracle Mile Law Group.


Adelaide Carson


I contacted Miracle Mile Law Group after being fired from my job. They are extremely professional, responsive, honest and effective. I would recommend this firm to anyone facing issues in the workplace. 5 stars!


Adina K


Miracle Mile is an amazing law firm. From the start, Steven Azizi and his team at Miracle Mile gave me the peace of mind I needed. They made the entire process convenient for me and the results were way beyond what I could have ever imaged. Thank you guys!


Alex Yebri


Steven Azizi and Justin Hanassab did a fabulous job working on my whistleblower case. It was a difficult and delicate matter, with different things going all over the place. I recommend Miracle Mile Law Group to everyone!!!


Amanda Solomon


Steven and Justin are fantastic labor and employment attorneys. They specialize in this area of law and really know what they are doing. They are incredibly professional and caring. 1010 would recommend them if you are looking to make a claim related to your employment.


Bobby Termechi


Hardworking and intelligent. I was going through some problems with a previous employer. I found these guys through a close and personal friend. When we first talked we spent almost an hour on the phone. I felt like Steven cared. I


Caroline Wizman


Steven and Justin are both honest & caring lawyers. They work around the clock and truly want the best for their clients. Highly Recommend.


Daniel Farahdel


After speaking with numerous lawyers about my case, I knew Steven and Miracle Mile Law Group were the most qualified for the job. Steven always kept it professional and willingly answered any and all the questions I had. Don't waste your time with other lawyers, Miracle Mile Law Group always have their clients' best interest at heart and will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.


Daniel Moossai


I requested a consultation with miracle mile and within minutes Justin got back to me. I was pleased with his knowledge and experience. I asked him an array of questions and was talking to him for over well over an hour. He told me what steps I should take and how they will be able to assist me. Finding a good lawyer is hard but Miracle Mile is the real deal. Thanks for your patience and your help.


Daniel Sassoon