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The Dwyers have owned Maid Brigade of Los Angeles since 2009 and spend much of their focus on client relationships. They offer the most innovative, effective cleaning services that are currently available to ensure your home is clean for a reasonable price!

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The ladies were very polite and professional. They worked very efficiently and hard. Everything felt very clean. Noticed that there were some dusts on the bed in the nursery and chest in the guest bed room, which looked like left over from cleaning the fan. It is not a bid deal and overall, we appreciate and happy with their hard work. Especially love the clean floors...I don't have to worry about my daughter crawling on the floor now. Thank you so much!!!


A Google User


Just what I needed in preparation for the new baby (coming any day now!) So happy with the overall cleanliness of the home and the friendliness of the staff. I have already scheduled my reoccurring monthly appointment.


Amanda Colbeck


Always a great job! Thank You Ladies!


Andrea Stavast


i like the service,professional and great job cleaning the house


Austin aziz


Maid Brigade is a wonderful service that I would recommend to anyone looking for friendly, responsible, trustworthy and reliable housekeeping. The owners are personable and interested in providing the best possible service and the teams that clean your home are careful, thorough and efficient. If something is missed, they want to know and will do whatever is necessary to make it right. It is a joy to come home to a clean house, and I appreciate that they make their service something that easily fits into our lives.


Brianne Carter


We love Maid Brigade. The maids arrive in a timely manner, do an outstanding and efficient job of cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing floors, taking out trash all those things you need to make your house sparkling clean. I highly recommend this service. The office staff are very friendly and helpful and always willing to make changes in scheduling when you need them. Excellent service!


Carol Demcak


Thank you Maid Brigade.


Charmayne Mayer - Geier


Do not ever use their service... very poor. Left everything out of place while cleaning. Didn


Chelsea Stone


We had a tremendous mess of a house due to having just replaced our floors. There was dust everywhere and it was just a mess around the house. The Maid Brigade crew worked so hard and did such an amazing job. I didn't want to touch anything once they were done everything was so clean and put in order!! Thank you, Maid Brigade!


Christina Lin


The apartment looks amazing. I requested for the dishes to be washed but that wasn't done so I'm a little disappointed that that wasn't done. Hopefully in the future my request won't be overlooked


christopher britto