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Keystone Law Group, P.C., a boutique law firm that specializes in estate litigation and administration, is one of the largest probate practices throughout California. Their attorneys not only stay current with evolving laws but also offer specialized advocacy to their clients

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Shawn is an excellent attorney and knowledgeable in his field. His firm provided me Arated services in a very professional environment. He was always overseeing and knew of my case, even while other attorneys were involved. The fees are very reasonable, and honest. Each month, I will receive a statement of all services performed. But most of all, Shawn is very personal, and kindhearted. He is honest, and would advise me of all the possible outcomes. I would recommend this firm to anyone in a heartbeat!


Anh Doan


Most people think inheriting a house is cause for joy. But it can feel stressful when you live and work on the other side of the country and there


Anonymous Reviewer


For any probate issues in Southern California, there is no one better than Keystone!


Ardeshir Hormozyari


This is an excellent law firm to work with. The head attorney ,Shawn, is brilliant. He leads a great team of highly talented and experienced lawyers. The customer service is prompt and attentive lead by a responsible and caring office manger. Every time I have to them I have received 5 star service. Definitely recommend.


Bita Partiyeli


Thank you Roee and staff ??


Bruce Decarlo


I had done a bit of my own research and scouted around 10 separate probate groups before finding Keystone.. Very happy I went with Shawn Kerendian and his firm. Professional, responsive, vigilant, understanding, knowledgeable and experienced are just a few words I would highlight to describe my overall yearlong experience there. I was very up front with my needs and expectations because of complications in my case and family. It was handled well. Above all, Roee made it extremely easy




I am very appreciative of the service Keystone Law group has provided me with. From start to finish of my already challenging trust situation they have provided me with nothing but great service. I appreciate a law firm that is attentive, and upfront with communication. Thank you for all of your help I am glad that this is all over.




Over priced and undeliver. They are not quick to respond unless they want something. Way over charge. They feel is the court says they can charge excessive fees they do. not happy looking for a great firm. Keep Looking


Donna Montgomery


You cant go wrong using this firm. They know what they are doing and take their time explaining the process with out making you feel overwhelmed. My mother and I needed to make a trust and I was referred to Shawn by a trusted friend. Everything was handled in a professional manner and we are both very pleased.


Dr. Ash Khodabakhsh


Verlan, Shaun and all others were fantastic to work with on my mother's probate. They were extremely responsive & knowledgeable. They're there to get the job done, not to extract more money from you. They understand the laws, courts, documents and are very thorough. I had follow up questions, and they got back to me after their research.


Elaine Leung