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Heritage Estate Sales is the company to contact if you are looking for estate sales, liquidations or related services throughout Los Angeles. They have a goal of realizing high prices and conducting your sale with dignity and integrity while providing free analyses by phone at (818) 206-8565 or email.

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6 Reviews

My family and I had representatives from Heritage come out for a consultation of my mother's estate two weeks ago. They were the first of three quotes that we received. While they were kind in person, they commented how all of her brown wood furniture would not likely sell, said there were chips in some of her more expensive crystal items that were not present, and offered an offensively low payment to "do us a favor" by trying to sell the items for a single flat payment to us rather than hold a commissioned sale. Both of the other quotes we received provided an expected minimum return that was over 10 times what Heritage offered. The company that we ultimately used generated 12 times what Heritage offered us. Heritage as a company either doesn't have the knowledge to know an estate's worth or they are taking advantage of those who are already in terrible situations.


Ashley Tovar


Heritage Estate Sales is reliable, professional, and the first company I would recommend that delivers exceptionally great service. From the smallest to the biggest of estates, the quality of service, integrity of the estate and family, and sale management has a reputation of consistency. The company upholds high ethical, moral, and professional standards that are all based from a Christcentered love with a servants point of view meeting the needs of others and fulfilling the service through selfsacrifice and dedication. There is much hope for your family or estate in the future, and Heritage Estate Sales can help you move on into your next, beautiful stage of life.


Brian LaRue


When this company could have told me this on The Website! Beyond wasting my day, I saw 2 little old ladies that had dressed up and taken a taxi to get there and even the cab driver was apologizing to them! Finally, I saw a car with a Bakersfield Sticker and for them to drive to Encino would have been a 5 hour round trip!!! Unprofessional means that I will look up other estates next time, since you have proven to not care what your buyers are up to.


Ed E


The staff was so helpful. They are always fun to haggle with. They are reasonable and give great discounts on bundles!!


Jackie Gorelick


This has never happened to me before. I came in asking for a specific item, a nest of outdoor tables. A salesperson directed me to the backyard, before I could even consult with my husband, a second salesperson came and took away the price tag, saying it was the wrong price and walked away. I waited and inquired about purchasing the tables, (the reason I came to the sale), and then I was told the price was not 18 but 49. No reason, no new tag, some lame excuse about how people switch the stickers. It was 8:45 am, hardly anyone was there yet. It was outrageous! Beware! A poorly run business trying to take advantage of an honest customer. Never supporting one of their sales again, if you go, Beware!


Lisa Battista


They are taking advantage from buyers.


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