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Handled - Estate Sales, Accomplished is a full service, luxury estate sale company that hosts exceptional sales in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Handled specializes in vintage and antique treasures on top of other high-end items like jewelry and furniture from iconic designers such as Eames or Noguchi.

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9 Reviews

Your entire future for that matter.


Clay Weiner


I will be recommending them to all of my friends!


Debby Figoni


Handled is the classiest estate sale company I have seen . Amy and her associates are respectful and considerate to the people shopping as well as the home we are moving through. This company has fair prices and never disappoints, providing the cream of the crop in EstateSales.


Eric Troop


Amy and the team at Handled are exceptional ! They are professional, helpful, delightful and knowledgeable. I have been to my share of estate sales in Europe. I


ines D


Amy is full of energy, full of ideas, has a lot of knowledge, experience, is willing to help, and a positive attitude. I am very impressed working with her and would recommend her to anyone. Thumbs up and a very positive experience.


Ines Wurth


I recently attended a sale run by Handled. Social distancing was strictly adhered to. The items were clearly marked, high quality, clean and well organized. The staff was friendly and extremely clear and forthright regarding things like returns, the fact that they don


Jennifer Djavadi


We were at the estate sale hosted by this company on June 27th. We purchased two foldable end tables which were listed at 25 each. As we were trying to take them to the car, we noticed the Ross price tag of 19.99 underside the table. So we confronted the sales manager to cancel the purchase for obvious reasons. But the sales host, Amy, refused to refund the money and insisted that company policy is for us to examine the item before we pay for them. We ended up getting the item of 50 value in exchange that we did not need. We often go to these estate sales to pick up a good deal, but this company placed items from Ross at the high end estate sales environment and did not even bother to remove the Ross price tag. Not only they over priced it over its original price but they were too lazy to remove the Ross price tag. We are sharing our bad experience with you to bring awareness when you attend their estate sale. Final sale and no return policy is respected, however integrity must be upheld in all business transactions.


kgsca 2010


Amy has a great system with several options, one that leaves you with an empty house and no concerns over getting rid of anything. Her connections to charities and such will handle removal of everything that doesn't sell. If your goods aren't going to draw enough interest, she'll enhance the selection with her own curated pieces. Excellent photography and online presence to draw buyers. Will definitely use her again.


Tom Greenlee


The day of the sale. I arrive and am directed to get in line. I go to the front to ask about the signin sheet. A tall, aggressive and rude police officer tells me that the signup sheet does not matter and that I need to get in line. He refused to give me eyecontact or answer any of my questions. As a paying customer, I found this incredibly rude and intimidating. I will never shop with Handled if this is how they treat their customers.


Tremana White