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GRIT Fitness is the best place for millennial women to get fit, socialize and feel empowered. Monthly events are held here along with over 100 complimentary community classes every year that have energized thousands of the young women in Dallas to stay active or connected."

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Grit is more than a gym, it


Allison Steen


Love all the instructors and classes! Great environment and energy! Never been more motivated and happy to workout!


Amberly Moore


I absolutely love Grit. It is a fitness studio that truly fosters a sense of community. You're welcomed to the studio every time time by someone who knows your name. Each class begins by getting to know the name of your neighbor. The instructors always offer modifications that don't make you feel like less than or weaker for not being able to do the full move. I also really like that it is a diverse studio. Women from all backgrounds (racial, careers, fitness levels, etc) come together to work hard for 3060 minutes. I have always felt challenged to do my best. The women of Grit truly are the strongest women in Dallas.


Angelica Timpany


I love Grit. When they say family, they mean it. It is judgment free and the instructors push you to do better. The classes are very engaging and fun. If you want to lose weight or stay fit then this is the place for you.


Angie Rosales


Great instructors, awesome classes, and supportive community


Ann Dragovits


I attended Emily Towler's spin class last sunday and wow was it amazing and very inspirational! The way she controlled the flow of the class, motivated us to push past our limits and after a saturday night it was the perfect way to start my Sunday! The studio made me feel very welcomed and I sincerely appreciate that! Highly recommend her class along with the entire fitness studio in general!


Anthony Cedano


I just started going here as a way to get myself motivated again in the gym and to get the happy endorphins going. I love this place! the selection of classes is excellent and I really enjoy the environment! The instructors and even the people that go here are all super nice and encouraging! No complaints! The only constructive comment I have, is maybe someday you all can expand your showers! its really hard to get ready in the morning when there are two showers and 6 girls, yikes!


Arielle Porter


I never in a million years thought I would be a go to the gym type of girl. But, Grit has truly changed my opinion! I love, love, love Grit, the classes, and the instructors! From the day I joined in April to now, it never fails to make my day when I show up even when I don


Brooke Williams


Best fitness studio ever! I love the wide variety of class formats, the energetic instructors, and the welcoming environment. I


Callie Boydston


I'm addicted to this place. You cannot get bored with all the class options And you can always take it up or down a notch. Great music selections that keep you pumped the whole class. Excellent instructors. Inspiring workouts. Love it!


Candice Sanders