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Go Clean Credit is a passionate credit repair company that is committed to helping people achieve their goals thought financial freedom out of damaged credit scores. It has a team of consumer advocates who aims to assess the situation of each client and Provide a step by step Process and imProve and restore credit reputation.

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I have been sending clients to Go Clean Credit for many years and have heard nothing but positive feedback. Dawn truly cares about her clients and goes the extra mile to get a more favorable result. I would recommend that anyone who is in need of credit repair should contact Dawn.


Chris Ariano


Best company for credit repair. I'm very happy with my results. They were able to remove 77% of my bad credit. The best thing was that go clean credit was able to do it all in 5 short months.. other companies that I had spoke with before signing up with go clean credit had told me that it could take up to 2 years clean my credit. The staff is amazing. Very friendly. They do care. The best part is they listen and understand . Thank you go clean credit.


Eric R.


I had the pleasure of speaking with Yobanna and she was so professional and informative. I would recommend anyone to her for future services.


Heather Folk


They did communicate well with me explaining the process. I was not too impressed with the results, but I will say they are good people to work with. There are some folks who had good luck got their credit cleaned up, I didn't . Do not let this discourage you from reaching out to them and let them help you. Each Individual case is going to be different.


Ibrahim Khogaly


I was referred To Go Clean Credit from a childhood friend. At this point I owe her lunch plus some. If you have ever been denied anything because of your credit score this is the company to hire. Go Clean Credit is providing me with every opportunity to reach my goal of becoming a Homeowner. Thanks for everything!!!!!


Josh Perry


They did okay... It was somewhat worth the money. They charge a whole lot and after about 6 months really stop helping. For any of the Credit Repair Companies I would only use them for about 6 months.


Mario Albert


First off I want to absolutely clear that I am in no way affiliated with go clean credit. When I was looking for a credit restoration company I read reviews and was really leery because a lot of them just sounded to good to be true. With that being said me choosing go clean credit was the best decision I have made in a long time!! I know everyone's situation is different but for me personally they improved my score over 80 points in just a couple months and made my dream come true of being a home owner. What's amazing is my score could have went higher, but I didn't have the luxury of waiting and had to get into a home as soon as I could. But that was the ultimate goal so I'm beyond happy! Justin signed me up and Yobanna Ortiz was the person who I believed handled everything and i just cannot say enough how impressed I was dealing with her. They changed my life more than I ever expected!!! I hope they read this so they know just how thankful I am for all they have done. 4 months ago I would have never thought I would be in my dream home and just got a credit card with a 10k limit, in which I definitely will be more responsible this time. Life is about second chances and these guys at go clean credit gave me that chance!! just remember if you sign up you are a big part of the success. And you do have to do your part. But they will definitely do theirs!! I'm living proof!!!


Mike Peifer


I have to let the world know my experience with Go Clean Credit!!! Many thanks to Dawn, Susan, Yobanna and Marie for assisting me from start to finish with assisting in helping me clean up my credit! I am a proud new home owner and want to let Go Clean Credit know that I appreciate them so much and will share my experience with all my friends, family and the world about my Blessing!!!Thanks Go Clean Credit for helping me through my journey!!! You guys are truly amazing!!!!!


Rita Cotton


Great Service!! The staff is very friendly and helpful; they explain the process and answer any questions promptly.


Stacie Howard


I called for a consultation and to get answers to questions no one seemed to willingly want to answer without wanting to just sell me their services. I wanted to understand my credit report and what I needed to do to meet my goals credit wise. I spoke with Yobanna and she was truly amazing, honest, and patient. She answered all my questions and explained how she could assist me as well. I'm very grateful for her assistance.