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Dr. Horowitz is a physician who has spent years developing relationships with his patients and as such, he takes an individualized approach to every patient's care; whether that be for teenagers or senior citizens. Dr. Horowitz' enthusiasm about medicine comes across in the way he interacts with his patients, making them feel at home while they are there receiving treatment.

Los Angeles,ca
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Fantastic doctor and staff!


Andrea Boccaletti


This doctor and his staff are absolutely amazing!


Andrea Cistulli


Attentive, caring, funny, great bed side manner and amazing diagnostician. I highly recommend Dr. Horowitz and Favorite People. They make going to the doctor a much less dreaded experience.


B Sd


Just called the office for a last minute appointment as a new patient for a preop screening. Unfortunately, they were unable to see me in the time I needed, but Peggy took the time to make sure an adjacent practice was able to fit me in, even suggesting various work around's to ensure I got the appointment I needed. Though I never stepped foot in the office, they made an impression. Peggy thanks for putting the 'care' in healthcare!!


Benjamin Dixon


Great energy in this place. The staff is super informative and they are very good at what they do.


Darlene Lacey


Dr. Horowitz is fabulous. The level of care and follow through by Dr. Horowitz and his staff (Peggy and Jovita) are exceptional. There is real concern for the patient. Where do you find that today. It's almost unheard of. I highly recommend Dr. Tom Horowitz.


Dick Heatherton


Out of all the doctors that I've visited in my life, Dr. Horowitz is on the top of my preferred list. He is absolutely a charm. He is professional, personable and thorough. He takes his time. He is humorous as well. Love the personal touches and aesthetic of the office. You'll see what I mean (there's a museumhistorical component). His wife at the front office is just as charming. It's always a good feeling when I'm there.


Joe Quintero


Absolutely love Dr. Horowitz! He is as knowledgable as he is witty. He and his staff take amazing care of me and if they moved to just shy of Nevada I'd still make the commute!


Joel Burnham


Dr. Horowitz truly cares about his patient's and their wellbeing, which unfortunately can be hard to come by these days...I'm a nurse and I absolutely recommend him as a Php.


Katie O'Rielly


I rarely write reviews but Dr. Horowitz and his staff are So worth it! I've been through a few primary care physicians since moving to Los Angeles 15 years ago and have never been totally happy until finding Dr. Horowitz! I can't even express what a breath of fresh air it is going to an office that is as well run as theirs. It's always easy to get an appointment and they are always running on time! I've never waited more than 5 minutes for my appointment! They always call you back with your testing results and their billing procedures make everything so easy!! I can't recommend this doctor enough!


Lisa Swift