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North Denver Endoscopy Center has the largest Gastroenterology group in Colorado and offers services to patients across most major hospitals of their area. They provide six main clinics, four procedure centers as well as coverages for all medical providers at this location including: Sam Anouna, MD; Paul Deneault-MD ; James Higham-Kessler Jennifer Moss Shazad Rana Bruce Walker Gareth Weiner." Endoscopist_6,Endoscopist,Colorado,Denver,Denver Endoscopy Center ,,,3.2,(303) 344-4844,Denver_Endoscopy_Center_Endoscopist_Denver_1632466994.429962_0.png,Dillon J ,8 months ago ,Also did not appreciate being chastised in the middle of the surgery center by the nurses for not wanting fentanyl in my Iv. 05 will never recommend. ,"8155 E 1st Ave, Denver, Co 80230, United States