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Attorney Keith Custis is a passionate and aggressive advocate for employees who have been mistreated by employers. With over 20 years of experience in high-level cases, he understands the legal rights that come with being an employee in California; but also how hard it can be to defend them without knowing your own rights first.

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Upon our first introduction via telephone, there was an almost immediate sense of rapport and overall good vibe. Mr. Custis


A.Taylor Itri


Keith did an amazing job for my husband and I when we needed him! He was very responsive and always communicated with us throughout the entire process. Would highly recommend!!!


Caitlin Chamberlain


Keith is an amazing attorney who is very dedicated to his clients. I had the pleasure of working with him a few years ago and can sincerely say I was satisfied with my results. He is very professional, responsive, attentive to his clients


Christy Saradzhyan


First time i had ever worked with a legal and professional lawyer and I must say I couldnt be happier. Keith is the Man. I sought out Keith via Google and Yelp and was pretty unsure that I would be able to have a legit and honest lawyer to fight for me (due to me researching other lawyers prior to him and being asked up front money and to sign contracts). Keith did not. From beginning to end (over a period of 7 months) he fought very diligently, with persistence ,honestly, very knowledgeable and efficiently. I remember our first conversation. Right off the back he advised me and guided me in the right directions as to what would be the next step to prosecute my last employer to the fullest extent. Keith worked long and hard to make sure I received justice for the wrongful doings I endured. He went above and beyond my expectations and did not ask me for a dime. There was never a moment I was left in the dark or felt like I was forced to make a decision. I trusted him entirely along the way. Anytime I wasnt sure of anything, he was one call away ready to educate me. All in all, This man Derserves your business. Best guy around and will do what he has to make sure justice is served. Thanks so very much Keith, I seriously can not thank you enough. I'll be saving his contact information in my back pocket just in case ;)


Coryn Walker


Keith was extremely helpful with his legal services and his counseladvice during a very stressful time for me. I highly recommend him. He is truly a law professional and is clearly very knowledgeable regarding employment law.


Dave Barrett


I am so grateful that I hired Keith Custis to represent me. I immediately felt comfortable with him. He's genuine, thoughtful and very thorough. He instilled my trust in him right from the start. Within our first meeting it was easy to establish that he truly cared about my case and not only wanted the best for me, but would fight for me! He turned an unpleasant experience into one where I felt safe, protected, and rightfully defended!


Debbie Witt


Keith Custis takes that heavy load off of your shoulders when you need legal help. He is quick, thorough, and very detailed. His knowledgeable advice and calm demeanor provide the guidance that clients need. Custis Law is highly recommended by me, my family, friends, clients and colleagues for all employment matters, before, during and after big or small. Keep up the great work!


Diana Zeesman


Keith Custis is an outstanding attorney that stands for employee rights. He will go above and beyond for you to get you the justice that you deserve. He came as a recommendation for his strong work ethic and his no backing down attitude. I can now speak with personal experience that Keith is exactly the type of person that you want on your side, representing you. He is honest about your options from day 1 and fair with his fees. Every single day there are thousands of employees that get mistreated andor taken advantage of at the workplace. If you are one of those people and have been considering taking action, I would advise you to first do your research and due diligence on what type of State Labor andor Wage Laws that you are protected under. Then call Keith to set up a consultation to further assess your options. Thank you for your services to the American working class!


Gevork Asatryan


Keith Custis is an excellent attorney! When looking for attorney representation, there are dozens out there that talk a good game, but what sets Custis Law apart are the results. Keith not only relentlessly fought for my rights, he was able to obtain extremely favorable results and in a timely manner. Without fail, Custis Law kept me informed with the status of my case and maintained their trustworthiness all the way to the end. I was truly pleased with my experience and I highly recommend Custis Law


Jasmin Gonzalez


After calling two other law firms, and being told I didn't have a case, I called Custis Law, P.c. He reviewed all my evidence and assured me we have a good chance of winning. He was able to move the case along quickly even during a pandemic and ultimately got me a very nice settlement. He was very professional and dedicated to getting the job done. I always felt he really had my back and I never even had to speak to any opposing counsel. I highly recommend Keith Custis to anyone in need of representation.


Joel Dyerly