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Leon Nazarian, CPA and MST (certified public accountant), has 15 years of experience providing tax return preparation services. He specializes in Certified Public Accounting Practice such as IRS Tax Audit defense or representation for individuals with a foreign citizenship who are experiencing US Taxes issues.

Los Angeles,ca
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I completely rely on his services, because I am confident that he is a qualified tax specialist. I generally like my tax returns be clean and audit bullet proof. And such they are as prepared by this Cpa.


Alex Kelly


I usually have someone vouch for professionals such as dentists, doctors, lawyers and accountants. But this time so happened that no one recommended me this place, I found it on the internet myself, and contacted for an interview. So, it was kind of a blind interview. But I liked him, and he has been preparing my tax returns since. And I don't regret that I chose him. He is very thorough in the way he does it. And he is quick to respond to inquiries. So, I like Leon as my tax return preparer, and I recommend him without reservation.


Alexandre Grooves


I had bad experience with my previous accountants and tax returns preparers. It seem Leon know a lot about taxation and he is very precise in what he does. Also, he is very responsive to all my email inquiries, and responds in detail. Good job!


belda arslan


This place is good, because the prices are very reasonable. Plus he knows what he is doing. I referred him already to few people. They are satisfied too. So, all in all, he is very good!


burak oz


It is very easy to work with this Cpa. Instructions are clear, straightforward, no hidden fees, and no misunderstanding. Everything is spelled out upfront. You know what pay for, when, and how much No Surprises! Excellent Job!


Carol Lam


It is very important to have a smart thoughtful accounting and tax professional looking into your money affairs regularly. I have consulted Leon on several occasions, besides him merely preparing my tax returns. He is a very good business advisor!


diaz verdin


Always on time, always accurate and thorough. Good Cpa!


Dolores Kilroy


Leon is very knowledgeable and well rounded professional, and truly a specialist. I always consult him regarding business and tax matters that arise, besides having him prepare our annual tax returns. He always responds timely, provides indepth answers. Good job!


Erik Yamil Olivas Mu


I had a very complex situation due to my business issues and matters related to my personal tax return. Leon helped to sort things out and bring all issues to norm. So, I stayed after that, and had no reasons complaint. He is a reliable specialist


evelin tissol


I like my tax man, because he gives me the best advise, and takes time to explain me the what is going on with my tax return. I consult with him often, and he doesn't hesitate educating me about taxation. Besides, he is very professional.


Evelyn Stefanelli