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After 10 years of event planning, Contagious Events has Proven themselves in the field of planning events like weddings. Now they have a 24/7 online planning portal where you can plan your parties. During the planning Process, they will take the time to get to know you so they can inject your personality into the wedding.

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Working with Joe and the team at Contagious Events is always a pleasure. His attention to details is superior. He is always a trend setter. His vision and planning skills are beyond everything I ve ever seen. He is also very responsive and gets things down quick! Hire him and your wedding will be WEDDING OF THE YEAR for sure :-) great work!


Adriana Tacu


Joe and the Contagious Events team was the best money I spent on my wedding. I was one of those brides who didn’t think she needed a coordinator. We had an especially complicated wedding -- at a summer camp, with people spending the whole weekend camping, at an entirely DIY site. Starting months before, Joe gave me names of trustworthy vendors, walked me through every detail and offered to pick up tasks big and small. He made signs, seating charts, and even got us a beautifully decorated wooden shelf to display our guests’ labeled drinking glasses. The dining hall was put together perfectly and I didn’t have to worry about a thing all weekend long. The whole team worked tirelessly the day of to make sure everything went off without a hitch, and Joe handled every little crisis that arose all while deftly managing our sometimes impatient families. I cannot recommend Joe and his team highly enough!


Ally Jarmanning


Joe Rogers and his team were extraordinary in every way. Their professionalism,enthusiasm, commitment to detail and communication to all involved in the wedding was not to be matched. Joe guided us through a year of planning for our daughters wedding and he couldn't have been more pleasant to work with. We had so many moving parts to the wedding with it being in a tent in our back yard, with 270 guests and each part moved in sync with one another perfectly. Joe is the best and he gets my highest recommendation!


Cathy Bristow


We had planned a backyard wedding with our families and close friends and thought we could pull this off by ourselves…without a wedding planner. Two weeks before the date, we discovered Joe at another wedding that he had planned. He seamlessly pulled all the loose ends together, coordinated the caterer, the photographer, and the piano player, made floral arrangements on the fly, and created a décor that was specific and special to us. It allowed us to kick back and enjoy the day with friends and family. Joe and his staff made sure the guests had what they needed to have a good time. We are so grateful to Joe and his team for this!


Eric Forsberg


My first thought when thinking about our experience with Joe is how cool, calm, and collected he was during every step. From our planning meetings to day-of, Joe was the picture of serenity no matter what was happening- bee stings, unruly guests, and late vendors included. Hell, I had no idea our cake was late until I visited his website almost a year later. This is the best example I can give about how valuable Joe is- what would have been a major headache on our wedding day was not even known by me until it didn't matter, which is exactly the way your wedding day should be!


Gina Regonini


Joe and all the Contagious Events staff were amazing! We hired Contagious Events for their "Prime Time" service, aka day-of coordination. Except day-of actually means month-of, which was awesome! I am a professional event planner and knew I would need a wedding coordinator to keep everything going smoothly on the wedding day, and Joe delivered. Always calm and collected but keeping tabs on 18 things at once - the marks of a true pro!


Hannah Gathman


Joe coordinated our wedding, and he went above and beyond to make it so special! When he heard that we were going to have mini doughnuts instead of wedding cake, he designed and hired someone to make a movable wall to display our doughnuts. It made for a great "reveal" and the guests loved it! Joe was on top of every detail and made sure things went smoothly on the big day. Hiring Contagious Events was money very well spent!


Jared Fijalkowski


I cannot recommend Joe and Contagious Events highly enough. Joe was able to meet with my son and his fiancé and glean from them what sort of feel and look they wanted for their event before they could even articulate it themselves. His organization and attention to detail was flawless. When we experienced a glitch at our venue, Joe stepped in quickly and masterfully and managed to shield us from the fallout. The result was a wedding that was personal, stunning, and joyful. Thanks to Joe, my husband and I were able to enjoy the day instead of worrying. If you have a celebration in the near future, this is the outfit you want to hire. Period. UPDATE: How great is Joe? We hired him for our daughter's wedding 2+ years later, and I'm happy to report that he is still the gold standard for wedding planners.


Jodi Picoult


The weekend of the wedding, Joe was a godsend. He and his team made sure that my husband and I were not at all bothered with any glitches that came up during the special day. He was always there, even though he often remained on the periphery. He ensured that the day was happy and fun, where we, as the couple, were able to focus on our love and joy rather than small hiccups in the general scheme of things. This would not be possible without Joe's meticulous attention to detail -- every single transition was planned to the minute and he made sure everyone knew what they needed to be doing and when. Contagious made our wedding the best day of our lives!


Kyle Ferreira van Leer


We are so thrilled to have found Joe and Colleen from Contagious Events! We got married in June, and it wasn't until February that we realized we needed to hire a day-of coordinator. Our venue recommended Joe, and we were pleased to find his company offers different levels of coordination. We opted for the Primetime package, since we had already booked most of our vendors, but as the date grew closer we needed professional help to put it all together. Joe formatted all of our contracts, guest list, and other requests in an easy to use online portal. He was full of invaluable advice and recommendations (since we had never done this before!) and was available by email or phone. I can't overstate the amount of work and help Joe and Colleen provided us, including helping to run the rehearsal. We both felt so relaxed and easy on the actual wedding day, because we knew our timeline that Joe and Colleen put together had accounted for every detail. Not only are they true wedding professionals, but they are just fun, nice people to be around! Our wedding would not have been the same without Contagious Events!


Laura Bradley