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Chicago Child Psychiatry Associates is a leading group practice, with only one location that specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry. They are currently staffed by Dr. Astrid Lutz who provides services for those under the age of 18 as well as adults over 21 years old to help manage mental health issues or substance abuse problems alike.

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When I called Dr. Alkhouri's office, they did not have an appt for 1.5 months, so I booked it for my child for the next month. When I showed up on the scheduled day and time, they said, oh, the Dr. is not in today, we were supposed to call you. I checked my voicemail and I had received no message from their office. So the receptionist made me an appt for the next day. On the day of the second scheduled appt, I received a phone call stating they had to cancel and Dr. Alkhouri was not taking any new patients at this time. So when I booked 1.5 months earlier, they were taking new patients, it would have been good to know then so I could have found my child a competent Dr. I know Dr.'s are not good business people and this is a case in point, if this was a different kind of business, they would not last. I cannot recommend Dr. Alkhouri due to the unprofessional and disorganized chaos of the clinic. Schedule with a competent Dr.


Todd Rusteberg