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BLOK is a one-stop shop for all your secondhand car needs. They offer over 400 cars from $1,500 - $8,000 and even have some nicer options at wholesale prices! Calling it an "auto clearance" might not be fair to the other parts of BLOK's business though; they also hold weekly public auctions that are open to everyone who wants them (or knows someone in need).

Los Angeles,ca
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I got to set the price I wanted. And pay what i was satisfied with paying for a sweet deal




Great prices in and out no hassle no pressure


Abel Villarreal


I've been buying cars from these guys for years (maybe 67 years for my family and my relatives). Like any car dealers you need to do your homework. This is more like Diy project. Run a history check on the vehicle for accidents or salvage titles ( I usually avoid those cars), use Kbb to find out the going value for a similar vehicle, try out the car in the parking lot, run the engine for few minutes, try the transmission on site for good smooth swift from P to D and R (you will check the transmission later during test drive) check overall look, a worn and dirty vehicle is probably not a good sign, look for clean engine oil, clean air filter, good brakes and tires no dings on the body, clean interior no broken seats(these are signs for a good maintenance on the vehicle) and if you like the price buy the car before auction day; they will take out the 10% fees from the internet posted price. Always buy the 200 return policy and if you need more information take the car to a dealer or your mechanic and get a second opinion. This vehicles are not 100% perfect but a well maintain car should get you a good investment that you can keep running for years for a fraction of the cost of a new one.


Adrian Stanescu


I was there couple years ago and I post for this location as good review and I had very good experience for myself and couple of my friends as well but unfortunately after 4 years back to the location for visit and find out cars but totally was different and price was to high to other Auction or seller for now with the price and model and mileage they asking for car sell overall 30 to 35% more than you can find on other online platforms


aidin choobineh


I have gotten 3 cars from them. All in excellent condition.




Pretty straight forward no pressure sales bought 4 cars ftom there already


Alfonso Velazquez (mad Shirts)


Deserted nothing under 3500 on the gate it say from 1000 to 5000


Andre Beasley


I think that some of their guyz changing and raising the price... Be careful and if you feel so, just exit the auction


Arash Farrokh


This business have great vehicles. But they're a little to much. I heard it use to be a auction a year ago. Now they have dealership prices with 600 dollars off.


Aries Cain


We bought a 2013 Ford focus. Under 100,000 miles great condition pretty much a new car. We paid the extra 200 2 day return option but did not need to use it as there are absolutely no problems with the vehicle. Maybe we got lucky but if your not smart enough to pay the extra 200 and take the vehicle to be inspected in those two days well then your bad. Common sense is get the vechile checked out. Carfax it. Which we actually did after we already purchased the vehicle. We serviced it right away and did everything the computer suggested we did. We love our car and are very happy with it.


Ashlee Gautney