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Join Beautiful Mandarin for a fun and interactive Chinese class, where you will learn to speak mandarin in no time! You can also immerse yourself in culture by attending one of our cultural events. Beautiful Mandarin is the perfect place for those who want an immersive language learning experience while learning about other cultures as well.

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Beautiful Mandarin is truly a great place if you want to excel at not only speaking and listening, but reading and writing chinese as well! It makes me so happy to be able to communicate with my friends in Chinese daily and the private lessons have vastly improved my speakinglistening and overall comprehension of reading and writing. Attention is given to making sure you are confident in the topics before moving on. I have been taking private lessons at Beautiful Mandarin for 4 months now after taking lessons at another location previously, and Bm cannot be compared! The teachers are wonderful and friendly, while explaining the concepts thoroughly. Also, since I am a college student with a busy schedule, it is great that the teachers also are able to coordinate with my schedule.


Alex Ochoa


Beautiful Mandarin is a wonderful program for those interested in learning and excelling in Chinese. Sissi's teaching experience and passion for the language really shine through with every lesson, and it's clear that her knowledge, patience and enthusiasm are shared with all the teachers within the school. Previously, I took an introductory class at another school which I enjoyed, but was disappointed when the next level up was postponed for a couple months. Which lead me to some research for a new class where I could continue my studies without taking a break and eventually to finding Beautiful Mandarin. I feel it was truly a blessing in disguise. You can tell that Sissi really wants her students to learn as much as possible and become proficient in the language, and she is super encouraging and continuously sends invites to happy hours and dinners she organizes for her students to practice what they've learned out of the classroom setting. The school has classes at different levels and Sissi will help students find a suitable class regardless of what level you are at, and also suggest you come as many times a week as you can even if the class is above your level you can observe and learn, or refresh your memory with classes that are at a lower level. She has designed the school to be as immersive as possible, and hence the reason there is a 6th month package. I will definitely be continuing my studies at Beautiful Mandarin and highly recommend it for anyone trying to learn this language.


Alexander Attar


I highly recommend the classes here. They guide you stepbystep on how to write, read, and speak Mandarin. The classes are fun, the teachers are positive and patient, and we learn at the perfect pace.


April Song


Took lessons with Beautiful Mandarin for a year. They provided customized lessons based on my existing familiarity with language and lesson plans skewed toward vocabulary useful for my work and daily life. Schedules were flexible and accommodating. Excellent and attentive teachers!


Aric Chang


Good school. Good knowledgeable teachers. From St John's Catholic college. The teachers are effective at teaching the children.


ashoka b Gomes


Best Mandarin class I've taken. Sissi is wonderfully patient and dedicated. The class even makes dumplings or goes to dinner together. I certainly have learned a lot of Mandarin and it is because of this class!


Branch Strickland


For anyone considering learning Chinese, don't wait, I just wish I had started classes from Beautiful Mandarin years ago.


brett duquette


I highly recommend Beautiful Mandarin to everyone who wishes to learn mandarin, I have been taking adult classes once a week for about six months and I am very happy with my progress. in this short time I have learned so much i am really enjoying it. my teachers Ada and Madeline are very helpful, patience and explain everything in a way that even a child can understand. now I am able to speak, read and write in mandarin, is amazing.


Carlos Espinoza


My wife and I also took private Mandarin lessons with the teachers coming to our home on the weekly basis over the course of several months. We thought the classes were great as well and they were convenient as we tried to squeeze this in while juggling 2 kids. The teachers were prepared, engaging, and friendly. It made learning Chinese a lot of fun.


Eddie Chiang


I have been going to Sissy's courses for about 8 month now. My Mandarin has improved massively and what I particularly like is the emphasis on all parts of the language, particularly pronunciation and conversation but also writing. I can really recommend the courses, everyone is super friendly, the groups are some of the most enjoyable language courses I have been to (and I learned French for 5 years so I know what I am talking about). The course is as individualized as possible and we also do fun activities outside the classroom like going to a restaurant or celebrating Chinese New Year etc. I don't think there is a better value Mandarin course out there in Nyc.


Harald Hartweger