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The Los Angeles employment lawyers and wrongful termination specialists at the Azadian Law Group, PC use their considerable experience to protect employees in cases of wrongfully terminated labor law. Known for providing aggressive advocacy with a personal touch, they are skilled at holding employers accountable while fighting on behalf of clients.

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I want to thank the Azadian Law group for all their help. When I got wrongfully terminated, I did not know what to do or where to start. Thank you all for everything!


annika jimenez


George is amazing at what he does. He is a very caring attorney, and he provided the best service.


Aracelis Feria


I definitely have to recommend Azadian Law Group, the lawyer was committed to assist me in the difficult time and was able to get me a good settlement in less than 6 months. They are really good in giving update over the phone or email and if you provide all the information they need they work fast. I strongly advise you to give them a call it doesn't hurt, they will hear your situation and they definetly will help you. ????????


Cindy Amaya


Best employment lawyers in Los Angeles. Anyone who knows George Azadian and his team know they are the most aggressive and caring wrongful termination lawyers in La.


Garo Artinian


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value


Irma Gonzalez


When I was let go after a decade of employment at my company I started searching online for the best employment lawyers in Los Angeles. So many names came up and I started calling around asking friends and family and some attorney friends. As an executive I understand quality and professionalism the minute I see it. I was really blown away at how intelligent and responsible Azadian Law Group was. They are not your typical lawyers. I had read their backgrounds and was even more impressed after getting to know them. I had all my questions answered and was actually told to take a different approach outside of a lawsuit. Other firms I spoke with only cared about signing me up and getting some money out of a lawsuit and not thinking about what the best course would be for me as a person. Really the best employment law firm in La!! The staff is also so kind and professional.


Karen Graziano


George and his team are simply amazing.I was referred by a friend who is a lawyer and so happy with the way they handled my complex issues. Highly recommend Azadian law group as employment lawyers for wrongful termination.


Katia Roscratz


George and his team are great employment lawyers!


Kc d'Explorer


My experience was excellent from my first phone call till my case was closed I never went a day without feeling unsatisfied with the services George and his associates provided me with I received phone calls and emails very frequently updating me on the status of my case I would definitely recommend this law group to any family or friends


knathan rivera


Good Employment Lawyer


Leonard Hayden