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We have one true belief. AppleOne believes in people, and we are here to connect you with the best companies that will match your skillset! We believe it is important for our clients to feel at home when they work for a company; so let us help find out where you belong so that this can be achieved.

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After leaving me on read for over a month, I sent my resume three times and created an online profile and finally all I got back was send a resume and we will maybe consider helping you. So I did. I got a call during work rush hours that my resume didn't include that I was fluent in Spanish (my first language out of three) which it clearly did Twice. I have a receptionist and Covid19 screening job currently, but it's under the title of Security Supervisor, but the description of duties I wrote straightens that out. I was then told my lack of clerical and supervisory work (which I have volunteered as an administrator for a medical office, so it still counts) would keep me from being a valid candidate and they do not wish to help me. So unprofessional and rude, too. I'm not going over my resume to fix it with you for a hard maybe. I had several professionals look over it and they all agree that AppleOne does not review anything or care. Go somewhere else to help you find a job. My friend found an office job with no prior experience and they only took a week. Wow.


Allie Settle


I cannot say enough good things about AppleOne Employment Services! Thanks to them, I have a great new job which I love. Kayleigh and Erin were very helpful and great to work with. They really made the job interviewing process seem a lot less daunting!


Amy Wilson


I went to AppleOne in Downtown Los Angeles, took the test that you're required and after a week, got called to various temp postitions. One that I got called for was for the County of Los Angeles Agricultural CommissionerWeights and Measures, I temped with them for 8 months, till the company wanted me permanently, I really don't understand what the problem is with the people that rated AppleOne 1; I would definitely be back to AppleOne if my current employment is terminated.


Angela Estrada


Best of Luck Everyone!!!


Arianna G


Good people. Found a good job for me as soon as I moved out there. Ask for Tamy.




So in short, if you have your [email protected]# together out the gate, AppleOne might be able to find you work. Practice those unforgiving Prove It tests like your job depended on it. (It does) And when they ask if you have a reliable form of transportation, never tell them you commute by train or bus.


Bc Camillo


Awesome agency!!!! Gladys is amazing!! She got me a job within a week. I feel that if your resume is good you will have no problem getting a job :)




Never got a call back and every time I called they kept forwarding me around


Jordan Martin


I was very disappointed with their service.


Kari Ivette


I would like to know how people are able to speak to recruiters at this agency. I was told to forward my resume and no one called me. I called to confirm my resume was received and was placed on hold for 15 minutes. I don


Maria M