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Aloha Maids in Los Angeles is a company that offers deep house cleaning services to move out cleanings. With our registered, experienced cleaners and the Aloha Spirit as their guide, they are able to provide professional service for monthly or biweekly needs of either kind.

Los Angeles,ca
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Aloha Maids has become my regular cleaning service. Our cleaner Wangari arrives on time every time, and she


anna colleen


I have been using Aloha Maids for years! The customer service is very friendly, and they do what they can to make sure that we are happy. A really positive experience.


Brian Sagini


Catherine was excellent. Thorough and efficient. She completed the areas of most importance in the time frame alotted.


Christy White


Melissa and Maria have been cleaning my house for a couple months now. They are very thorough and sweet and always show up right on time. I couldn't be happier!


Claire Holt


At first I was a bit nervous about using a company that refers independent contractors. After further investigation I found that other companies, also use independent contractors, but they do not disclose this information to the customer openly. Paulina did a great job offering friendly service. The house cleaners showed up on time, and did an excellent job. We were able to book recurring service at a discounted rate. There discounted rate is almost half off, so it was definitely worth it. I would call Aloha Maids especially if you need house cleaning services in Los Angeles.


Cliff Cork


Loved calling Aloha Maids. Great Aloha Spirit! Kristin helped me with appointments and to customize my cleaning. She reminded me on the day of service and did a follow up after the service. Excellent cleaning and service. Mahalo!


collince aucca


Great service from Aloha Maids. I contacted them for a cleaning service and the response team was very friendly with me. They explained everything to me in detail and when they day for cleaning finally dawned, the cleaning team showed up on time and did the best cleaning. I highly recommend this team of professionals.


Darius Diaz


I had them to clean out my 2 bedroom apartment for 4 times now. Every time I am 100% satisfied with their job.


Davis Gekonge


Great customer service here. Can't be any happier.


derrick david


We have had several wonderful experiences with Aloha Maids. The service is very reliable and the maid that they sent paid terrific attention to detail. I was looking everywhere for a good company. The pricing is honest and fair. Scheduling online was super easy. Being able to book weekends is also a plus. I have so far had 5 services with Aloha Maids. So far it has been nothing but smooth sailing. I'v been in La for 3 years and all the other companies I have hired were awful. The cleaners from Aloha Maids absolutely took a lot of pride in their work. Mahalo guys. If you need a good thorough service, I highly recommend Aloha Maids.


Dominic Onchari