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ActOne Entertainment Staffing is more than just a staffing company. We are "career gurus." When you come to us, we will find the job that meets all of your needs and desires. You get to work with people who care about you from our staff members up through management!

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4 Reviews

I had one of the best experiences wit ActOne Entertainment Staffing Culver City Search Group. These women are extremely hardworking and made my job searching process ten times easier. I worked with Erin, and Kelley more personally but everyone in the office is supportive and super friendly. I really can not stress enough, how much I appreciated their help and guidance. Also its an All women recruiting agency which I find to be amazing. I had an interview in their office, then within a week of that interview I was set up with an interview for a firm. Everything was done extremely efficiently and they kept me in the loop at all times. Super happy with my experience :)


Allison Roy


The staff member I worked with was really nice and positive about my prospects but after my initial meeting (where I did all my administrative testing and paper work) I never heard from them again. I sent an updated resume a few months later and received a simple thank you but that


Charisse Furlongue


I have had people from Act1 contact me and say they would set up an interview and never follow through. Seems to be a thing in this industry to not follow through and be as unprofessional as possible.


Elise McKenna


I worked primarily with Kayleigh and Kelley, and they were absolutely amazing! I really felt like they listened to my needswants for a position and connected me with a wonderful private equity firm. They were considerate, patient, genuinely kind, extremely helpful, and quick to answer any questions or concerns. They exceeded all of my expectations and I am so incredibly thankful to them. Thank you so much, ladies!


Lauren Reyna