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Established in 2000, Allied Collection Services of California began as one of America

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3rd party medical company accidentally placed me in collections 2 months ago. They and someone from Allied collection had an email exchange stating that I was removed on that date and Allied stated they contacted the credit bureau as well. I am now in escrow for a house and my credit was pulled and this showed up. Called Allied and apparently it was never executed so the person I spoke with Executed The Transaction On The Day I Called, nearly 2 months later. I was told this will take up to 30 days to reflect on my credit. I am in escrow and I simply cannot wait. This has potential to cause me to fall out of escrow. Spoke with several "supervisors" and they said they couldn't expedite the process which is Bs because the credit bureaus said collection agencies have that power and they eventually hung up on me. Had I not gotten my credit pulled, I wouldn't have called this collection agency and this would've remained on my credit. Reached out with several lawyers and this doesn't seem like it is a problem for them. If this is not resolved within 2 days, expect a lawsuit coming your way.


Boyang Fan


Tom Barry is a horrible agent. we understand that we must make a deal, but he doesnt want to make a deal he wants to get all the money and basically dont work with you. we understand what the debt is but wer are not stupid probably my 2000 dlls debt cost this agency 20 dlls... but they want like 1000 instead of working with you and charege idk 400 dlls. that is a deal!


Carlos Barajas


I tried my luck with this collection agency to collect on evicted renters. The renter had agreed to pay $x each month when they spoke with me prior to me coming here. However, I was afraid I did not have the resources to locate them if they were to move or change jobs so I gave it to collections. The thing is they collected the amount that the renters offered when I wanted them to do more and deduct it from their work wages. There was a month missed and a deduction in the amount collected starting a few months ago in the time frame of a year so far. They do respond however you have to keep in mind that it takes some following up, i guess this is expected of lots of collection agencies.




This place is a joke an customer service is the worst don't pay them they can only hold it against you for so long


Jimmy Sanchez


Personal muy grosera . Quieres tratar de pagar y te cuelgan . Volv


Karla Orellana


Signed up with them to collect on bad renters and could never reach anyone to speak to. No return calls or emails.


Larry Heller


I wish there was a Negative Star Rating! This Collection Agency is The F*&%$#@ Worst!!!!!!!! I Made a Complete Payment Leaving a $0.00 Balance in August of 2017! Allied did not report the payment and to Date the amount still exists on My Credit Report! I have spoken with Allied numerous of times regarding this issue 2 months ago I was suppose to receive a Letter with regarding the payment I made in 2017 and to date I Not Received Payment Letter!


Orell Jones


If you want to get paid call Acs. I have had nothing but great service from this company. They are on it.


Patrice O'Dell


Horrible individuals who fill out their own reviews. These people are con artists. They insist on hounding me about a Nutribullet that was never mine. They are rude, inconsiderate and unprofessional. I'd do business with a diseased lobster before dealing with this circus act.


Sojourning TeddyBear


Tried to write to these people to resolve an 8 year old issue. They predated a 2012 bill. Can't connect.


T. C.a.c.