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ACME BAIL BONDS is a bail bonds agency that captures the experience of Scott J Esparza, who has been licensed for over 30 years. He solidified his skills with ACME BAILS as he helps people get out jail and back in their homes by providing them affordable fees to do so.

Los Angeles,ca
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I give reference about some one only if in several occasion the service is good.But in this time I found a company that is better than good is excelente. Thanks


Albert Agudelo


Staff is courteous, understanding, and they answered all of my questions. Outstanding customer service. They took care of my family. Thanks Acme!


Amanda Laurent


Amazing staff, worked w my bail and super understanding when I had one short payment. Very friendly, responsive and helpful.


ana castellanos


This place is sooooo unprofessional!!!! I called asking for information to help my friend get out of jail. The guy proceeds to tell me there's a list of things he needs from me in order to proceed. I say fine and ask what type of information is needed and he tells me to hold on, so I hold on and as I'm waiting he's cursing at another employee because they were using the restroom with the door open and was supposedly stinking up the entire office. Like really!? I didn't care to know any of that and then while I'm listening to all this he decides to hang up on me. Great job Acme Bail Bonds for hiring unprofessional people or I hope that wasn't the owner.


Angel Flores


I had a long time friend that got into a domestic dispute with his wife, he called me from jail and he needed to be bailed out, he said he was a homeowner and he would pay for the bail when he was released. Acme Bail Bonds did not hesitate to approve this bond. The bond was posted within an hour of receiving the call, my friend got out and was very thankful. He told me later that he had called several other bail companies from jail only to be told he needed someone to sign for him. Acme Bail Bonds did not require a signature. He said he will recommend Acme Bail Bonds to his friends and family for any future needs they might need. Again Thank You Acme Bail Bonds for your trust and great customer service.


angela estrada


They have been great and very helpful. They pulled through for me to get a friend out when no one else would and everyone there seems to be extremely reasonable. A big shout out to Jorge, Tom (agents)...and Eric in finance. Thank you so much!


Ashley Pazirandeh


Acme bail bonds is a awesome place to go through they will answer all your questions and help you as best they can. Very fast service and very polite.


Brandon Martin


I would like to Thank Acme Bail Bonds. When When you get that late night call from relatives that they are In trouble and need help. I know Acme came to my rescue. I have never had to get bail for someone before. The people at Acme explained the procedure and was very professional. Thank you again.


D Hill


Very reliable company. Quick and discreet.


Eli Henig


Thomas Esparza is the absolute best! Be kept in contact with me even while traveling and made it so easy to help me get my boyfriend out. They are really willing to work with you. The bail was 100,000 and they were the best out of All the bail companies! Thank you so much!


Hannah Fetko