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How to Choose the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

Keeping your business premises clean should be a top priority, but finding a reliable commercial cleaning company you can trust is easier said than done. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which cleaning service is right for your company? 

Hiring a professional cleaning crew offers many benefits over trying to handle all your cleaning needs in-house. Commercial cleaning services are trained to properly sanitize and disinfect your place of business to keep employees and customers healthy. They have access to industrial-strength cleaning solutions and equipment. And they can thoroughly clean in less time, leaving your staff free to focus on core operations.  

However, not all cleaning companies are created equal. Finding the right commercial cleaning service requires doing your due diligence – checking references, comparing rates, and evaluating what each company offers. Rushing to hire the first low-cost bidder can cost your company in the long run if they provide subpar service.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key factors to consider when researching options and ultimately selecting the best commercial cleaning company for your business. Let’s get started!

Understand Your Cleaning Needs

Before reaching out to potential vendors, take time to identify your unique cleaning needs and requirements. Consider details such as:

– Square footage and layout of your facility. Make a list of all areas that require cleaning.

– Types of surfaces that need to be cleaned and sanitized such as hard floors, carpets, restrooms, windows.

– How many days per week do you need cleaning services? Daily, 3x a week, once a week? 

– What hours or times of day do you need cleaners on site? During business hours or after hours?

– Are there any high traffic areas that need cleaning multiple times per day?

– Do you have any special cleaning requests for kitchens, conference rooms, lobbies?

– Are you looking for standard janitorial cleaning or deeper disinfecting for germs and bacteria?

Having this information ready will help potential cleaning companies provide a more accurate quote. Be as detailed as possible when communicating your requirements so there are no surprises down the road.

Research Potential Cleaning Companies

Now it’s time to start researching commercial cleaning services in your area. Here are some tips for generating a list of prospects:

– **Search online directories** – Check Google Maps and online business directories like Yelp to find highly rated cleaning companies near you.

– **Ask for referrals** – Talk to business contacts and neighbors to get recommendations for commercial cleaning services they use and trust.

– **Utilize professional associations** – Contact your local Chamber of Commerce or business association for referrals to reputable commercial cleaning vendors. 

– **Visit company websites** – Thoroughly research the websites of any potential cleaning companies. Look for professionally designed sites that go in-depth about their services.

As you research prospects, make a spreadsheet to compare factors like services offered, years in business, and customer reviews. Narrow down your list to 3-5 promising commercial cleaning companies to further evaluate.

Compare Services and Pricing 

Once you’ve identified some potential cleaning providers, take time to thoroughly compare their services and pricing. Here are some key questions to ask:

– **What specific services do you provide?** Look for companies that offer all the core janitorial services you will need – mopping, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, trash removal, etc. 

– **Do you offer any specialty services?** Many providers offer specialties like pressure washing, window cleaning, carpet shampooing. Know what’s included or available as an add-on.

– **How do you charge for services?** Most cleaning companies charge based on square footage. Get quotes from each provider based on your space.

– **Do you provide all cleaning supplies and equipment?** Reputable commercial cleaners will provide their own industrial-grade supplies and equipment needed for the job.

– **How often do you increase rates?** Ask about their pricing policies. Rates should only increase moderately year over year.

– **Will you provide references from other clients?** Reputable companies will happily provide 2-3 references from current customers. 

Take detailed notes on each company’s response. The best commercial cleaning service for you provides a comprehensive range of services tailored to your facility at a competitive price point.

Look for Experience and Expertise

You want cleaning technicians that are true experts in commercial sanitation and disinfecting. Be sure to research:

– **How long has the company been in business?** Look for an established company with 5+ years experience successfully serving local businesses.

– **Do cleaners receive extensive training?** Reputable companies thoroughly train staff on cleaning techniques, use of chemicals, and industry best practices. Ask about their training process.

– **Are cleaners screened before hiring?** The company should conduct background checks and screen cleaners to ensure you only get trustworthy individuals in your facility.

– **Will the same team be assigned to your building?** Consistency is key. Ask if the same team of 2-4 cleaners will be assigned to your office or if crews rotate frequently. 

– **Who oversees and manages cleaning teams?** There should be an on-site manager overseeing cleaners and providing quality inspections after each cleaning.

The more experience and expertise a commercial cleaning company has, the better the job they can do keeping your business spotless.

Consider Company Reputation and Reviews

A quick online search can tell you volumes about a company’s reputation and track record.

– **How many 5-star online reviews do they have?** Look for dozens of glowing 4-5 star reviews on Google Maps and Facebook. Beware of companies with no or very few online reviews.

– **What feedback do their current customers provide?** Read through reviews thoroughly for any red flags – missed appointments, mediocre cleaning, billing issues, unfriendly staff. 

– **Do they have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating?** Check their BBB profile for any complaints and how they were resolved. Most reputable businesses have an A or A+ BBB rating.

– **Are there positive reviews on other websites?** Expand your research to Yelp, Glassdoor, and other review sites. All should reinforce they provide a positive customer experience.

– **Can they provide client testimonials?** Quality cleaning companies have a roster of satisfied customers willing to provide a testimonial or serve as a reference.

A proven track record of happy customers is a clear sign you’re dealing with a trusted cleaning company that values integrity and service.

Ask About Their Employees

For a cleaning company to do its best work, it needs to hire and train the best team. Here are some key employee factors to ask about:

– **What is your hiring and screening process?** Reputable companies thoroughly vet candidates with interviews, reference checks, and background screenings.

– **Are cleaners direct employees or subcontractors?** In-house employees tend to be better trained and screened. Be wary of companies that outsource all labor.

– **What steps do you take to train cleaners?** Look for initial and ongoing training programs to teach industry best practices.

– **How do you ensure consistent service?** Do managers do spot inspections? Are cleaners evaluated regularly? What corrective actions do you take if a cleaner underperforms?

– **How do you handle employee turnover?** Low turnover is ideal. Ask about their retention rates.

– **What are your policies on background checks, drug screening?** The company should fully screen all cleaning staff to ensure a responsible, professional workforce.

The more rigorous a company’s hiring, training, and quality control, the better the cleaning your facility will receive. These factors reveal a lot about a company’s priorities and values.

Inquire About Green Cleaning Methods

Today’s business owners are increasingly concerned about using eco-friendly cleaning techniques and solutions. Be sure to ask prospects:

– **Do you offer green cleaning products and processes?** The best vendors use green-certified supplies or safer alternatives to harsh chemicals. 

– **Are your cleaners trained on green cleaning methods?** Environmentally-friendly cleaning requires specific protocols to minimize waste and chemical use.

– **Do you focus on recycling and waste reduction?** Sustainable companies recycle whenever possible and use eco-friendly paper products, bags, bottles.

– **How do you minimize your environmental impact?** Seek companies that use high-efficiency equipment, follow green business practices, and train staff on sustainability.

While you likely care most about cleanliness, it’s still wise to choose a service that utilizes greener products and methods whenever feasible. A little research can help you find a cleaning company that aligns with your business’s environmental values.

Request a Customized Cleaning Plan

A one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it for your commercial space. Be sure to ask prospects to provide a detailed, customized cleaning plan outlining exactly what services they’ll provide and when. Reputable companies will create a plan tailored to:

– Your square footage and facility layout

– High traffic areas needing frequent attention 

– Offices, lobbies, conference rooms, kitchens, bathrooms

– Interior windows, entryways, outer surfaces

– Your desired cleaning schedule – daily, 2x/week etc.

– Daytime vs after-hours cleaning preferences

– Any special cleaning requests from management

Review the plan together to be confident it covers everything on your cleaning wish list. Clarify who supplies consumables like toilet paper, hand soap, cleaning solutions. Also discuss procedures for addressing any missed or substandard cleaning issues. 

With a customized cleaning schedule in place upfront, your facilities team and the vendor will be on the same page from day one.

Verify Licenses and Insurance

Before confirming any cleaning company, do your due diligence to verify they are properly licensed and insured:

– **Do they have a business license for their city/state?** This helps validate they are a legitimate company.

– **Are cleaners bonded and insured?** This protects you in case of theft or property damage. Require at least $1 million in coverage.

– **Do they carry workers compensation insurance?** This is mandatory – it protects workers injured on the job. Avoid any company that doesn’t carry it.

– **Will they provide copies of current licenses and insurance certificates?** Reputable companies will furnish documentation upon request.

– **Can they provide references from past clients?** Ask for 2-3 references to validate quality of service.

While tedious, checking these items can prevent major issues down the road. It also reinforces that you’re dealing with true cleaning professionals.

Schedule an In-Person Meeting 

Before signing any contract, schedule an in-person meeting on-site. This allows you to meet the owner, manager, and cleaners who will service your facility. 

Use this time to:

– Tour your building together and discuss cleaning needs for each area

– Clearly communicate any special requests or expectations

– Review the proposed cleaning schedule day-to-day and week-to-week

– Explain your policies for supplies, trash removal, parking

– Discuss access – will they receive keys or entry codes to your facility?

– Set procedures for addressing any issues with missed or subpar cleaning

– Get a feel for how knowledgeable and professional they seem  

Equally as important, observe how they treat you and your team. Do they seem friendly, helpful, and eager to meet your needs? Or hurried and indifferent? First impressions say a lot about the quality of service they would provide long-term.

Trust Your Gut Instinct

Once you’ve done thorough research and met in-person, consider how each prospective cleaning company makes you feel about entrusting them with your facility. Assess factors like:

– Did they seem genuinely interested in learning your needs?

– Were they responsive and professional in all communication?

– Did they willingly provide references and answer all questions?

– Were you impressed by their experience, training programs, and procedures?

– Do they have a solid base of consistent, happy customers?

– Does the owner/manager instill confidence they will oversee a quality staff?

– Were the cleaners friendly, respectable, and professional in person?  

– Do you trust them to work in your facility with minimal supervision?

Pay attention to any hesitations or red flags you picked up on through the research process. Ultimately, go with the cleaning company your gut tells you is the best fit for your business. The intangibles can be just as important as the tangible qualifications.

Start With a Trial Run

When possible, consider starting new cleaning vendors with a limited trial run first. For example:

– Hire them to clean just part of your facility – one floor or area as a test.

– Engage them for a short term like 2 weeks or a month to gauge their performance.

– Schedule a walk through when they’re done to provide feedback and evaluate if you’re fully satisfied.

– Have your facilities manager occasionally spot check their work.

– If all goes well, then extend the contract to fully service your building.

Trying a cleaning company out short term limits risk if you’re not fully comfortable with them yet. You can continue the trial period, extend their contract, or part ways if expectations aren’t met.


Choosing a first-rate commercial cleaning company involves careful evaluation across many factors – services, expertise, reputation, processes, staffing, and overall professionalism. While the cheapest bidder may be tempting, a little extra investment often pays off exponentially in higher quality cleaning.

But taking the time upfront to find the right provider for your business promises to save you headaches in the long run. By following this guide and trusting your instincts, you can identify a cleaning partner that consistently delivers spotless results and helps keep your company image squeaky clean.