Top Used Furniture Store in Dallas - 2022

LAST UPDATED 24 Jan, 2022
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List of the Top Used Furniture Store in Dallas

Second Hand Sam’s goal is to reduce the amount of waste in our communities and on landfills. They sell, recycle or refurbish used office furniture before discarding it all together! Local family owned used office furniture Store, Second Hand Sam is committed to green practices and local communities. We sell our products in an effort reduce bulk waste from landfills.

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Thrift Town Stores are happy to have you as a customer, and we appreciate your loyalty. Clean & Bright – Top Quality Secondhand Merchandise! Color Tag Sales Every Day — Making Room for New Arrivals DAILY! We know you’re looking for quality secondhand merchandise at an affordable price, so we offer everything from clothes and furniture to bookshelves and living room sets!

VINY? is a specialty store in the Dallas Design District that specializes in designer furniture. The name of this business comes from its two owners- interior designers Debra Owens and Tristan Owen who have been designing homes since before they were born, with over 30 years combined experience between them!