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Each & Every Detail Wedding Planning in planning your wedding is an opportunity to make it magical. From the trips with you, flowers at each table for centerpiece – everything counts! Meticulously plan out McKinney so that nothing falls through- everyone will tell us ‘you are my favorite part of this whole day/night’.

Southern affairs weddings is the perfect destination for any event planner looking to make their mark in this fast growing industry. Whether you’re an aspiring designer or seasoned pro, we have everything your heart desires with our stunning venues and team of planners who are always available when needed!

Exceptional events is an experienced and professional company who can plan any type event from small backyard BBQs right up through large scale extravagant affairs with hundreds or even thousands attendees – they’ve been there done that so you don’t need worry about logistics when it comes time for your big day because this group knows what needs doing beforehand!

Todd Events strives to bring the uniqueness and creativity–to every wedding they host! They don’t care if you are from out of town or just looking for an amazing time with your friends; Todd’s team is ready and willing provide this experience in Dallas at any event that needs it most (which will always happen).

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Hitched Events is a one-of-a kind event planning firm that specializes in luxury weddings and celebratory events. We offer our clients an intimate experience with unparalleled service, while still catering to their needs through personalized attention from the moment you walk through our doors until we say goodnight!

Trifecta Event Management has been delivering world-class events to our clients in Dallas since 1991. We specialize not only as your average corporate planners, but also handle unique occasions like conferences and workshops tailored specifically for you! Trifecta Event Management is a premier event planning company based in Dallas, Texas.

Keestone Events is a creative, award-winning company that provides the best in event planning and design to their clients. They have been working since 2007 for some incredible moments with people all around Texas! Keestone Events is an award-winning, event planning and design boutique based in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. From upscale weddings to corporate functions we’re here for all your needs!

Trifecta Event Management approaches events with an insight into the requirements and goals of each client

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Magic Moments is an award-winning design company that specializes in all types of event d

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At Chancey Charm has a combined experience of over three hundred and twenty weddings. They know what it takes to make your dream day come true, no matter where in the country you want us set up shop! Your big day will be an exciting adventure – from planning every detail with their professional expertise!

PINSTACK is a unique dining and entertainment destination operated by Entertainment Properties Group, Inc. With locations in the DFW Metroplex- Plano, Las Colinas Allen -and Austin Texas it’s one of those places that you just can’t find anywhere else! It offers stateofthe art bowling lanes with lane side food service as wella private VIP section for your guests who want to bowl from start!

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DFW Events has been in the business of executing what others can only imagine and orchestrating unforgettable moments. Whether you

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Pop Parties is a Wedding Planner in Dallas, TX. Pop up your wedding with these four-weekend event packages that are sure to please! A group of people have popped by the pop party for some refreshments and fun times – it doesn’t get much more casual than this!

Donnie Brown is the Dallas Celebrity Wedding Planner and Decor Specialist. Known as a top-rated expert, Donnie’s team of event professionals have won awards for their work in this area from organizations like ACSW national convention & exhibition association (ACS), The American Institute for Architects Texas Committee , Houston Architectural Forum Awards Committee among others!

At Significant Events of the Texas Dallas, we

Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Questions to ask a party planner
  2. How to choose a party planner
  3. Why should I hire a party planner?
  4. How much do party planners charge?
  5. What does a party planner do?
Questions to ask a party planner

Here are some questions you can ask a party planner;
● What kind of event do you specialize in?
● Do you have any certification?
● Have you worked on similar projects?
● Do you have a portfolio to see events you’ve managed?
● What services do you offer?
● How much time would you need for the planning?
● Do you have good vendor contacts?
● How do you manage the event’s budget?
● What are your cancellation and refund policies?
● How much will you be charging?
● What will be included in the fee?
● How do you measure the success of an event?

How to choose a party planner

To choose a party planner for your event, the first thing to consider is experience and also if they have good credentials regarding the role. It would serve you well if you have a professional who has done quite a several past works successfully. Let the planner know your plans and ideas for the party and hear from them what they think and how they’ll go about it. Then you can consider payments and also things that will be covered in the price. It would be very advisable to get someone who has experience working on a similar project and who is a good communicator.

Why should I hire a party planner?

Party Planners handle everything regarding planning your party or event. They take up that responsibility to help you set up your party to the best of their capabilities based on what you want. With party planners helping with organizing or planning your party for you, you’ll be able to focus on other important or bigger aspects of the event. Also, party planners usually have a connection with professionals who can do certain things at the party such as caterers, and with them, you don’t need to worry about looking for options.

How much do party planners charge?

Party Planners usually charge fees based on the requirements of your party and also how difficult it will be to meet up to what you want. Averagely, you can expect to pay between $500 and $750 to hire the services of a party planner to help you with your event. This figure can however go higher depending on how big your party is and also the experience and reputation of the party planner

What does a party planner do?

A party planner is simply a professional who can help with everything related to organizing a party. They are individuals who are capable of adequately organizing any type of event based on your needs and what you expect.