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SolveCo Solutions is an RPO firm that partners with clients and candidates to recruit, certify, and place employees. We help our client companies find the best talent in their industry through innovative recruiting solutions for all levels of employment. Our certified staffing team will work with you on-site or remotely during your recruitment efforts

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Telvista is a telecommunications company with more than 20 years of experience providing solutions to long-standing clients. When you partner with Telvista, you can count on your customers receiving world class service that will meet their needs and expectations every time throughout the entire conversation process for both inbound and outbound call centers.

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Etech provides a variety of services to help organizations increase their efficiency and effectiveness. One way Etech does this is by providing Customer Contact Center Services, including Call Center Quality Monitoring Solutions for the businesses seeking more efficient call centers or increased customer satisfaction ratings.

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Rocket Station is a leading business process outsourcing provider for the innovative companies. We hire and train the top talent to help our clients launch an efficient, the scalable & the profitable business with an ultimate focus and goal to deliver a world-class customer experience!

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ServiceLink is a leading provider of innovative technology and unmatched service to servicers, lenders, and investors in the mortgage industry. We provide digital solutions for today

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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Are BPO companies worth it?
  2. How much do BPO companies charge?
  3. How do BPO companies work?
  4. What are the types of BPO services?
  5. What does a BPO company do?
Are BPO companies worth it?

BPO companies come with a couple of advantages that should convince you whether it is something that will work for your business or if it will be worth it. One of which is cost. Some services you’ll have to do in your company will cost more unlike when you’ll be hiring a BPO company. Take, for example, an outsourced IT support position, one way you’ll surely get reduced costs is that you don’t have to start spending money on getting a laptop or computer system rather the outsourcing company uses theirs, saving you some money. Also, you can be able to focus on more important work while outsourcing company deals with the non-primary ones. Working with a BPO company also means you’re contracting out your work to professionals who will make use of technology and best practices to get you results.
There can also be issues from hiring BPO companies and they include possible security issues because you’re given out some of your information to the outsourcing company. Also, you can get to pay some extra hidden costs.

How much do BPO companies charge?

The cost of hiring a BPO company to do some of your company work typically varies from company to company. Other kinds of factors like the kind of service to be undertaken, their price structure, and also the location of the BPO company will play a part in determining the cost or what to pay when working with an outsourcing company. For example, you can expect to pay between $20 to $30 for an outsourcing call center position while for payroll, you can get to pay between $150 to $220 per employee every year depending on what the outsourcing company offers. Generally, you can expect to pay lesser to BPO companies than you would normally spend if the operation was to be carried out in your company.

How do BPO companies work?

BPO companies simply help with outsourced business processes. Organizations or Companies need BPO companies to help with non-primary activities that could use some help. Take for example, instead of hiring staff or taking time away from core business processes to handle some non-primary activities, you can simply hire a BPO company that is qualified in that field to help you with it. Such practice allows you to focus more on more important things while also leaving those aspects that you’re contracting out to professionals who will do a good job.

What are the types of BPO services?

There are different types of services offered by BPO companies and they include Information Technology Enabled Services, which involves IT solutions like Tech Support and Service Desk Analyst; and Knowledge Process Outsourcing, which involves things like content creation, accounting services, legal services, and web design. Knowledge Process Outsourcing is however divided into two which are Legal Process Outsourcing (involving legal processes like creating legal agreements) and Research Process Outsourcing (involving research-related processes like investment and market research).

What does a BPO company do?

A BPO company is a Business Process Outsourcing company that takes up various business operations in companies. Some companies usually contract part of their business operations to third-party vendors who are known as the BPO Company. Companies hire BPO companies in two areas called the back office and the front office. The back office involved taking up operations related to IT services, Accounting, Payment Processing, and Human Resources while the front office involves customer-related services like support, sales, and marketing.