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Omniplan Architects have worked to transform Dallas and surrounding regions– creating architecture for our clients that engages, innovates, endures. We bring incredible growth & prosperity in the community with every project we undertake! We strive to innovate while also enduring through tough times so you can succeed in your business endeavors with us!

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Blume Architecture Inc is one of the premier architecture firms in Texas, specializing in high end residential work for over sixteen years. Founder Christy Goode Blumenfeld attended Tulane University and trained under esteemed architect Robbie Fusch before founding her own company with him back when they were still practicing together (2003).

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CallisonRTKL, an American architecture and design firm, has created some of the world’s most successful environments for developers to build upon. This includes shopping centers such as The Grove in Los Angeles that is home to over 150 shops including Apple Store and Banana Republic.

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The John Lively & Associates Design Firm is a nationally recognized residential design firm based in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas, specializing primarily with custom homes and luxury renovations. With over 1 thousand completed projects since 1986 and total sales exceeding $700 million so far – averaging 2-3 years delivery time for each one!

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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Questions to ask your architect
  2. Is hiring an architect worth it?
  3. What qualities make an architect?
  4. What’s the role of the client in the design process?
  5. How much does it cost to hire an architect?
  6. Do architects add substantial cost to a project?
  7. How to find the right architect for my project?
  8. Why should I hire an architect?
  9. What does an architect do?
Questions to ask your architect

Here are a few questions to ask your architect;
• What experience do you have in working on my type of project?
• What is the design process?
• How do you charge?
• What services do you offer?
• What is the estimated timeline for my project?
• How do I know it won’t take longer?
• How will you look to manage my budget?
• Do you have any contractors you can recommend for the construction?
• Will you be managing the project? If not, who will?
• Will you be available during the construction phase?
• How much time do I need to dedicate to the project?
• How can I be helpful during the whole process?
• How do we minimize environmental impact?
• Is there anything I should be concerned about?

Is hiring an architect worth it?

With the number of benefits that can be derived from having an architect to work with on your project, it is definitely worth it to get to spend a couple more money to hire a professional architect. Having an architect to work with on your project will most likely help you get a building that is the perfect fit for what you want to do and one that is also safe for you to stay in.

What qualities make an architect?

One of the important qualities architects must have is creativity. The ability to think out of the box and bring innovative ideas is a very important thing for architects. Coming up with innovative ideas in your designs is what will make you different from others. Another thing is design and drawing skills. This is basically one of the main aspects of being an architect. You’ll need to have good drawing and design skills to be able to produce quality work for your clients. Other important skills include good communication skills as well as Teamwork. Architects are bound to work with different professionals across different fields during the construction process, hence the need for the communication skills and ability to work in a team. Ability to solve problems is another important quality. Problems might arise during the design or construction process, the ability to have a plan or come up with solutions to these challenges is important as this will determine how well the work goes.

What’s the role of the client in the design process?

You’ll need to work with your architect to make some decisions concerning your project. There are certain things or rather, information about the project that only you can provide and they could be things the architect will be needing to go about their work. Things like design preferences and your budget are things you’ll need to talk to your architect so that you come up with a sustainable plan that will work for you. It is also possible that you have concerns or things you want the architect to be aware of regarding the project, it is important to talk to your architect about this so that they can be incorporated into their ideas and design plans. Your ability to respond promptly will play a major role in the design process.

How much does it cost to hire an architect?

There are two ways that architects are usually paid, one is percentage on project and the other is through a certain agreed amount for the whole work to be done. Price of hiring an architect, while putting aside how they prefer to be paid, will certainly depend on their level of expertise as well as experience in the kind of work you plan to do. You can expect to pay a substantially higher amount for an architect with vast experience than for an architect with just little experience. Averagely, the cost of hiring an architect ranges from $4,800 to $5,500 while putting into consideration the factors mentioned. For percentage basis, architects usually charge between 8% to 15% of the total project cost.

Do architects add substantial cost to a project?

While hiring an architect can definitely be an extra cost to your project, they certainly will prove to be helpful throughout the whole construction process. Before construction even starts, they must have already developed a design for the type of building you want. If you have something in mind like a dream look for your building, an architect is the right person to put those ideas into paper through drawings which can then be used for the construction. Asides just the drawings, they can help you save money both in the present and for the future. In the present, they can look to get you the best materials and workmanship based on your budget while also helping you to build a really good design that will prevent huge maintenance costs in the future. To get all these benefits, you’ll need to add a couple extra money to your budget to be able to get an architect.

How to find the right architect for my project?

In the process of finding the right architect for your construction project, there is need to put into consideration some things like experience, the level of service to be offered, your budget, comfortability and of course, if they’re certified or registered. Online research will prove to be an important first step in finding an architect for your project. There are websites with a database for architects and they are a good place to start. Also, the design website, Houzz, has an architect finder tool which can also be helpful. Referrals from people you know have previously worked with an architect will also be important in helping you find the right architect. The right person will be a professional who is certified, has experience in your type of project, can work with your budget and the level of services offered.

Why should I hire an architect?

There are many reasons why you should hire an architect. Architects have a better understanding of what you need and the kind of style you want in a building. Every client always has something they already have in mind for their project, an architect looks to bring those things into reality by producing designs among other things which incorporates what the client wants and what’s best for the client. Also, they can work within your budget and fit your dream house in your site location. It is important your architect knows your budget when working so that they’ll be able to work well within the budget and aim to design you something that would still meet your demands for the budget you have. They can also save you some extra expenses by ensuring creative use of materials and helping you get quality materials. With architects, you’re also able to see what you’ll get even before the construction work starts. Using technological advancements like Virtual reality or 3D drawings or interactive designs, Architects can bring their designs into reality and clients can see what to expect before the construction work starts.

What does an architect do?

An architect is a professional who deals in creating designs for a construction project. Their service could also be needed for a renovation, or an alteration in an already constructed project. While they are popularly known for their work before the start of the project which is to come up with creative designs that meet the client’s demands, they are also responsible for ensuring safety and monitoring the project. By ensuring safety, they collect all information about a project, including the site location, environmental impact, building regulations, zonal laws and all other important things that should be incorporated into their design decisions. They are also to visit the site on multiple occasions after the project has started to oversee the project and also provide solutions where any problems might arise. Architects design buildings like offices, apartment homes, malls, schools and typically any kind of building. They usually make highly detailed designs by hand and also with the help of specialized computer aided design (CAD) applications.