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The Joe LopiZo Legal Group has been providing legal representation since 1978 when they opened their doors as hired counsel by Jevon Creutzmann on October 2nd at 1303 North Lamar Boulevard downtown near Auditorium Shores Mall area from which it got its name – Josephus Lucius LLP(JLPlG).

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At the law firm of Byrd Davis Alden & Henrichson in Austin, Texas we know that you want your legal issue addressed quickly and efficiently. Our attorneys have over 100 years combined experience with their knowledge focused exclusively on helping clients resolve civil litigation matters such as breach-of contract claims or small business disputes by providing personalized service for each client’s unique situation

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Robson Law Firm is a group of experienced and passionate Austin-based accident lawyers. They offer legal representation to those who have been injured in an auto collision or other related personal injury incident, by helping them seek fair compensation for medical bills and pain & suffering

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Daniel Stark Law P.C., the premier law firm in Austin is here to help you through every step of your legal journey! Daniel Stark’s law firm in Austin is famous for its successful representation of clients who have been wrongfully accused and/or convicted.

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At Lee, Gober & Reyna PLLC in Austin we believe that everyone deserves equal rights and representation. We represent people who have been wrongfully accused of crimes they didn’t commit by large corporations or individuals trying to make a quick buck off these cases- our legal team has 15 years experience!

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What is it like to be trapped in your own head? Is there really such thing as an invisible hand guiding us through life, or are we truly on our own. These questions and many more will come into play with this game that challenges you to find wisdom among the chaos of thoughts running rampant throughout every day life!

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At Evans & Herlihy Law Firm, we believe that every person has the right to legal representation and deserve only the best. Our knowledgeable lawyers will fight hard on your behalf when you need it most! Is there anything more important than protecting our own families? Become a client today by calling

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For Over 35 Years, The Loewy Law Firm has been creating innovative and effective legal strategies to meet our clients’ business needs. With an emphasis on mergers and acquisitions – both domestic and international- we’ve helped dozens of companies grow through strategic partnerships or by purchasing other firms outright with success rates that would be impossible without us!

TK Injury Lawyers has the experience and resources to help you with your legal needs. The team is committed giving knowledgeable advice that eases whatever injury it may be related to, no matter how large or small an individual’s case might seem at first glance

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Ramos James Law, Inc. is the leading law firm in Austin for families who want an expert on their side throughout every step of divorce proceedings and beyond! Ramos James Law, a Columbus-based firm that specializes in personal injury and worker’s compensation law.

D.C Law is a one-stop destination for any and all of your legal needs, from divorce to property disputes or even just contract review! From a small, two-person firm in the heart of Austin to one that has more than 80 attorneys and staff on its payroll—Austin is seeing an influx or new business for those seeking legal help.

The McMinn Law Firm in Austin is a top-rated, premier law firm. They have been providing legal representation to clients for over 20 years and their attorneys are highly skilled at what they do! The McMinn Law Firm in Austin is a top-rated civil litigation law firm.

A law firm with over 20 years of experience, The Cagle Law Firm offers personalized service for individuals and businesses alike. It’s clear that the Cagle law firm, P.C in Austin has a winning strategy for success because of how many times they’ve been awarded or nominated by various organizations over time!

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Zinda Law Group Austin is a top-notch law firm that will provide their clients with the best representation and guidance to ensure they’re satisfied. They have an excellent record of success in all matters related to litigation, intellectual property rights protection as well as contract disputes among many other types important cases they handle on behalf of those who need help throughout Texas.

Walters Gilbreath, PLLC is a top-rated firm that specializes in family law. With offices throughout Texas and the ability to represent clients from across this vast state with cases involving custody disputes as well as high asset division for those who have accumulated wealth during marriage or other relationships; they provide excellent representation at an affordable price point!

FVF Law is a well-established law firm that provides the highest level legal representation to those in need. They have been servicing clients for 20 years and are committed to protecting their customers from any harm or injustice they may face as it relates directly back onto themselves, no matter who presents this danger!

The Stewart Law Firm is a well-established, full service law firm with over 20 years of experience. We offer our clients an alternative to traditional litigation in cases involving contract disputes or intellectual property rights infringement claims among other areas for which we are experts at helping them navigate through complex legal issues

Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Questions to ask a personal injury attorney
  2. How to choose a personal injury attorney
  3. How much do personal injury attorneys charge?
  4. What kind of cases do personal injury attorneys handle?
  5. What does a personal injury attorney do?
Questions to ask a personal injury attorney

Here are some questions you can ask a personal injury attorney;
● How many cases do you take at a time?
● How much time can you spend on my case?
● How experienced are you?
● How many personal injury claims have you filed?
● How much will my claim be worth?
● Which you be solely handling my case?
● How involved will I need to be?
● What are my fees?
● If I do not win my injury claim, will I have to pay any case-related costs?

How to choose a personal injury attorney

First and foremost is to consider the experience and credentials of the lawyer. Ensure that you find and choose someone who is qualified in your type of case. It will serve you best if you have someone who is experienced in that area and has worked on something similar. Decide on cost and ask any questions to make clarifications and also help guide you towards picking an attorney.

How much do personal injury attorneys charge?

Personal injury attorneys typically charge a percentage of the total cost the clients receive from the case. Usually, the percentage is between 30 to 40% though it can be lesser or higher depending on your agreement with your attorney

What kind of cases do personal injury attorneys handle?

Personal injury attorneys can handle several cases which includes;
● Motor Vehicle Accidents.
● Premises Liability.
● Product Liability.
● Medical Malpractice.
● Workers’ Compensation.
● Assault/Sexual Assault.

What does a personal injury attorney do?

A personal injury attorney is a professional who helps clients who have sustained injuries to recover compensation. These professionals help individuals to recover these funds that can then be used for medical treatment, pain, and suffering, and generally, compensation for the injury suffered.